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3/01/2014 6:26 am  #1

Motor in a SHORT car to drag fast !!!

Het guys i am building a gasser style Anglia which is SHORT and will be about 110grams and we run on a 1000 foot drag track and i need a "D" can style motor that will put this thing in the .700 range !!?? The car will have a 1 3/16 by 500 rear tire and i am looking for some thing thats not a animal out of the hole but gians a lot of top end speed !! But remember it SHORT !!! Please help with what motor to buy and gearing !!! Many thanks Kenny !!!!  KRS Dragstrip. Boise ID.

Last edited by kenny (3/01/2014 6:27 am)


3/03/2014 6:31 am  #2

Re: Motor in a SHORT car to drag fast !!!

remove some top weight as possiable , not for speed but to keep it  from tumbling in the shutdown Angila and Willys tend to become a little dancey at top end ( aerodynamics) and being as they are already setting high (Gasser style) have a tendancy to nose dive and tumble when they hit the shut down , mine stopped whan I ground out plastic from inside roof ,hood , body ..keep it light


9/04/2019 1:58 pm  #3

Re: Motor in a SHORT car to drag fast !!!

Sounds like a problem with the center tilt cylinder... Thats all that holds the motor down when in reverse. Seals are pretty easy to install.


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