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12/09/2010 7:57 pm  #26

Re: Index Cars

I run the falcon 7 sidewinder so I can gear it 16/40 16/38 and have gone .990


12/09/2010 10:42 pm  #27

Re: Index Cars

For Bracket racing, I use Sonic pinion/gears...
a 3/32"x 64P x 44T plain spur is part #31-44. $5-$6
I dont know if they make a trilight version, if they do, it will be #131-44, Trilights are are around $2-$3 more expensive


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

12/10/2010 3:44 am  #28

Re: Index Cars

Bill Baughn wrote:

Steve B wrote:

The 15 tooth gear is the pinion, and the 44 tooth the ring gear. They are for a sidewinder setup, not for an in-line.

Steve, you call it a RING gear, I call it a SPUR gear.  No matter what you call it, the question still remains, who makes it?   

Sonic makes them Bill.

Knowledge does not equal Understanding, and the Truth is the Truth, no matter what you think of it...........

12/14/2010 8:05 pm  #29

Re: Index Cars

clownsRus wrote:

lightfighter wrote:

Bill Baughn wrote:

clownsRus, I guess getting Falcons with hard bodies to run under 1 second for the 1/4 mile is out of the question?  I was just hoping.  I did notice you are geared pretty high at 12/54 and 12/52 considering JK suggest gearing them 3/1?

I think you can get the JK hawk 7 to run under 1. if you can get it out the hole...... those come with Neo mags in them.... i just can't get them to hook real good at full power launch!!!

Ok, so I looked and I was off, my camaro is 13-48 and my nova is 13-50, they do both run low 1200s and are around 120-125 grams... but I have problems with my nova wanting to spin also but the camaro doesn't, same size tires too, can't figure it out, I think I'm going to change one of them to 15/45 tonight and see how it does this weekend...

I went to a 16 pinion and the 46 crown gear but that killed my launch  but i settled at a 50 crown and I'm going 1120's now still didn't hit the 1090s mark but I'm still working on it!!

There are no ties in drag racing. Thank god!!!

12/27/2010 7:56 am  #30

Re: Index Cars

Hey Bill another thing,  when a track uses a single battery supply ask your opponet what motor he's running . If you are using a Parma 16d and he is running a group 20 he will actually take power away from you  slowing your Time considerably ,at the same time if he doe not adjust he can break out! and the car times may have changed with the charger applied ,but the practice time on the lights is where it's at! a good reaction time can make-up for a lot of dial-in!!  just something to watch diffrence the next race. The last two 10.90 Index races I entered where won by cars running 11's but had great reaction times against cars running the 10.90 dial!

Last edited by davidRevans (12/27/2010 8:02 am)


12/27/2010 11:16 am  #31

Re: Index Cars

i ran a 10.50 with a 15/46 set up at 100 grams couple weekends ago...


12/28/2010 8:36 am  #32

Re: Index Cars

davidRevans wrote:

Simple question,take and make a consintant running package ,then add lead in small amounts to fine tune the time. would you want the time to be slightly higher than the index for us with dead slow reaction time,or a liitle slower as not to break out. I've never raced an Index car or event so am wondering ?

You should always try to run fast than the index to help make up for a pour light a drive the stripe.  Of course you can try to run out the door but you better know your car a cut a great light every time.


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