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1/28/2015 2:17 pm  #1

no-bar driveshaft builds

This has been finished for a while, but I'm just getting around to sharing it. B&B driveshaft rail, DRS wedge body. Absolutly hates glue, 1"x.300 tires.

Initially it had a gp 12 motor, ran well, but that motor suffered a catastrophic magnet failure & went up in smoke on the start line. Has since been replaced with a Big Block 20 in a Parma 499 setup, but the current 14/52 gearing comes off the line too soft, turning 1.03 - 1.08 times. Planning on dropping down to an 11tooth pinion, hoping to get into the nines.
Since this picture the rear body mount has been moved much closer to the rear of the chassis, and above the rear tires to provide support to the rear of the body. 

Anyone else built a driveshaft??

Last edited by Macman (1/28/2015 2:29 pm)

Formerly of SARN

11/19/2017 5:01 am  #2

Re: no-bar driveshaft builds

This one has never worked out as a bracket car, too inconsistent. Currently has a Hawk 7 geared 16/48. running mid 8s on 1000', 1020s in1/4, dwidth 1 1/16x.300 tires. Problem is after a few good runs it starts dramatically slowing down, by 30 to 40 numbers per run... so I run it in the first round & substitute something else in the second.

Formerly of SARN
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