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11/09/2011 7:41 am  #1

Proslot Neo VRX Results

Decided to put this motor in a DRS AA/FC setup with Dave D Tires .460 wide by 1.060 tall.  Went to Wizard Raceway in Melvern Ohio.  Here are the et passes it made back to back:

Run 1  .398
Run 2  .399
Run 3  .395
Run 4  .393
Run 5  .396

60 foot times varied from .078 to .082

This is on an 1/8th mile track with dual 75 amp power supplies and caps.  This little motors are a huge BANG for your Buck!  This car in the 1/4 runs .640 running out of gear!

Thanks to Merle for a great track!


11/09/2011 9:10 am  #2

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

Just on the start.  Get it hooked and go!

     Thread Starter

11/09/2011 9:25 am  #3

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

wow thats a moving on great 60' times
nice job

Just enjoying Life and Slots

11/09/2011 10:38 am  #4

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

The car is way under geared for 1/4 but bad as 1/8th mile car!

     Thread Starter

11/18/2011 6:11 am  #5

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

Car just ran a new best!  .382 in the 1/8 at THE MAN CAVE RACEWAY!!!!!!!!  Thanks Yepper for GREAT power and a lot of traction in that track of yours!

     Thread Starter

12/03/2011 5:43 am  #6

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

Finally got to a great 1/4 mile track (Thanks Ricky at TR Motorplex)  Ran my VRX funny there and the best time run was .585 at 80 mph.  Great motors for the price!  And that was over geared.  tried an 18/50.  It has more so redo gearing and try again!

     Thread Starter

12/03/2011 7:46 am  #7

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

which motor Stretch? (part number) That's flying!

New doesn't always mean good.

12/03/2011 10:46 am  #8

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

Dont know the part number but is a bag proslot Velociratptor Extreme.  $65 dollars usually.

     Thread Starter

3/05/2014 4:34 pm  #9

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

Woow is awesome congrats  what gears you use this car is flight fastest


3/07/2014 5:15 pm  #10

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

Good runs Stretch!  Keep us posted!

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

6/15/2014 12:15 pm  #11

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

my friend has a 90g hardbody,vr20 extreme
11/48gear- .374@67mph 1/8 mile
jds 1x1/316x500 jds rubber.


4/07/2016 5:11 pm  #12

Re: Proslot Neo VRX Results

1/4 mile 13/56 1.060 Thin medium glue with lighter fluid a bit, try that Stretch

Work it out

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