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4/12/2014 12:22 am  #1

59 Buick altered wheelbase gasser.

This is a vintage AMT 59 Buick coupe kit.  I had reservations about doing this to a 55 year old model car but I have had it for years and it was in such poor shape I never thought I would be able to do anything with it. It is sitting on my Gremlins chassis but I am building an indenticle JDS gasser chassis for the Buick to call her own. I called her the "topless stripper" because they have to call my name on the intercom and tell me to report to the lane with the topless stripper, plus she is a convertible that runs the strip. I'm excited about getting this one on the track. I'm not sure what color to do the interior or chassis yet and I'm thinking about white walls on the front.  http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t68/60buick/20140412_035215_zps2626627a.jpg

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4/12/2014 12:36 am  #2

Re: 59 Buick altered wheelbase gasser.

My dad had a blue/white '59, but I cannot remember the interior color. He also had a '60 later on. I prefer the '59. I like your choice of chassis, I've done one already and plan on another. I got a hoot out the name! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png

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4/12/2014 12:50 am  #3

Re: 59 Buick altered wheelbase gasser.

Very cool, You don't see many 59's anymore. I love the delta fined Buicks, I always preferred the 60 though. About ten years ago I had 15 1960 Buicks in varying conditions.  I gave a nice 4 door to my father. I still have 3 of them and got rid of the rest.

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6/12/2014 6:03 pm  #4

Re: 59 Buick altered wheelbase gasser.

Very Kool! Want to see the finished product. Any of these kits still around?

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