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11/08/2012 8:11 am  #1

gearing help

I have a 120g hard body,1x1/16x500 tire
pro-slot s16d with a 16d american arm
8 thousands air gap tried a 10/52,54,56
and last night tried a 10/50 great 60ft.-1.42
but no e.t.-11.60-43mph. with that 60ft.
car should be at least mid 10s anybody
got any ideas? thanks for the help.



11/08/2012 8:34 am  #2

Re: gearing help

actually to me (a bracket racer) it sounds pretty good , might try a 12 th pinion and a 52 or 54 crown.. use the motors tourge,they won't turn the RPM like 12 and 20's ...


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