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Slip Joint 101
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5/08/2011 3:53 pm  #26

Re: Slip joint chassis 101

I am running the chassis built by Wayne.  I weighted it like most other swing arms with 14 g in the nose and 14g on the pivot point.  Was running .970.  as suggested by others running this chassis they said take out the 14 over the pivot point and it went .950!!!!!!  I am also running .300 by 1 1/16.  NO GLUE!!!!!!!!!!


8/07/2011 6:54 pm  #27

Re: Slip joint chassis 101

I notice in the article on building that in one picture the tubes for the wire to slide in was on the inside of the rails and on another it is onthe outside.  does it make any difference which side it is on?

"The Dude abides."

8/07/2011 7:11 pm  #28

Re: Slip joint chassis 101

It is more of a clearance issue.  Th main chassis should be made to fit inside the body.  So the only place to place the spring tubes is in the inside.


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