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8/22/2010 8:59 am  #1

For Index Racers Only.

Bracket500 would like to welcome the Index racers to this forum.
Please try to stay on topics that have to do with index racing.
******This has nothing to do with bracket racing.******

Anyone want to volunteer to moderate? Please contact bracket500.

    DVan and Crew.

"Where legends are made and records are broken".

8/22/2010 9:37 am  #2

Re: For Index Racers Only.

Sweet I like the branching out, but I too would like this forum to stay true to the Bracket 500 tradition of being educational and informational.  Keep up the great job DVAN and others!


8/22/2010 12:13 pm  #3

Re: For Index Racers Only.

Ill moderate it, let me know what i need to do, email me and we can talk about it...


"After all, you wouldn't take a mule to the Kentucky Derby."
Warren Johnson…when asked about his spare race motors. He added. "We have three primary race motors. It's reassuring to have a supply of spares as long as they are all competitive."

8/22/2010 12:26 pm  #4

Re: For Index Racers Only.

DH Let's first see if there's going to be enough interest then I'll let
you know how to moderate this forum.


"Where legends are made and records are broken".
     Thread Starter

8/23/2010 2:30 pm  #5

Re: For Index Racers Only.

I think this is a great idea since I race index classes almost exclusively now.

Knowledge does not equal Understanding, and the Truth is the Truth, no matter what you think of it...........

9/01/2010 5:57 pm  #6

Re: For Index Racers Only.

As I said earlier ran my first Index race an liked it! I have a car that is in between index, runs 10.70 - 10.50 , run .990 or 10.90 ,I can't judge the line to lift. I took some lead out of it I had added to make weight for a class race and lightened the body. IF it will run a good 10.50 should I try .990 or build something with a group 12 or 20 and wieght an adjust gear for a .990 car. or add more to this car to slow it down, it has a blue printed ProSlot S16d, 12-56 gears 1 3/16 X .350 wide ProTrax Tires,"65" mustang hard body.

running things around in my head, it's basicaly closer to 10.90 ,so if I put 7-14 grams in the nose and drop to a 1 1/16 tire it just might drop to 11.00 ,easy changes and easier to get slower than try to make a S16d get to .990 ,  I'll keep notes.

Iwas just reading over in the motor building section ,and Marty hit the problem on the head, i don't need to change the car , I need to learn to drive it! to not strangle the controller the whole trip!  going to be hard for this old dog to learn.

Last edited by davidRevans (9/02/2010 12:17 pm)


9/04/2010 12:57 pm  #7

Re: For Index Racers Only.

You're right David, slowing it down with weight will be alot easier than trying to make it run a quicker index. It would also depend to an extent on how many cars usually show up for those classes. There's more for the winner in the bigger class.

Knowledge does not equal Understanding, and the Truth is the Truth, no matter what you think of it...........

9/18/2010 11:54 pm  #8

Re: For Index Racers Only.

Howdy All,
It was our first night open this fall, had some great racing and fun times at WMMP.
I would like to thank Mark Pinson our owner for all he has done for us.  We put down new right side Braid on both lanes and the track got a little faster this week.
It was our first meeting for SCCEC (comp eliminator). 
Four of the Dallas/Ft Worth racers came up, Kevin N, Chuck D., Bobby D. and Benjamin D.,
Joe M, Timmy, Jacob A and Ronnie T. from WMMP also participated.

The fun started at 3 pm and by 7pm we all had made some good passes.  We did not know what to expect on the ET side of things, our track proved to be a little slower than BPIR's.  Looks like we will be about .030-.050 difference. The best official run went to Chuck D. with a 1.052 on a 1.060 index. .008 under in his 69 or 70 Mustang D/SM, Timmy was next best in Big "E"s 69 camaro, but could not run under when it counted, lol.  Bobby D. was next in his Tricked out A/D and Kevin was 4th in his ULTRA COOL ANGLIA!
We ran an unofficial fun race and Timmy! got the WIN!

This is going to be a fun and extremely challenging class!

Also a new MPH record was set by Chuck D. of Dallas, 102.1 mph in his AA/FC

I will update later if I forgot anything,

ps I tried to cheat by being 5 grams light and they would not let me, IMAGINE THAT, LMAO!

Last edited by TIMMY! (9/18/2010 11:55 pm)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

9/19/2010 5:55 pm  #9

Re: For Index Racers Only.

I am having fun with three classes at WFO

1.  Pro Street
2.  Pure Street
3.  Nostalgia Street


11/13/2010 6:09 am  #10

Re: For Index Racers Only.

Last night a Waterford Dragway it was decided to hold an 10.90 index race for the first time, just 2 dollars a car one car only, all 10 drivers found a car to enter, the main thing was only 4 had ever seen a pro tree before and the good part was after words everybody enjoyed it  and were going to work on building an index car! they could see where they could learn to lift and change glueing routens to slow or speed up times,plus it broke the spell of just brackets all the time


11/30/2010 12:55 am  #11

Re: For Index Racers Only.

if you have a car that runs dead on at 1.100 then thats a good 1.090 car so if you go a little fast then you can run it out the back door....  all depends on which side of the fence the car tends to fall on if its a lil fast then use your stealth or glue to slow it down.....

still its all on the tree.....

There are no ties in drag racing. Thank god!!!

11/30/2010 3:24 pm  #12

Re: For Index Racers Only.

Good point lightfighter , last Fridays 10.90 was a final between two 11.00+ cars, both got there by good lights! winner 11.04


7/14/2014 3:47 pm  #13

Re: For Index Racers Only.

The light definitely plays a big part in who ends up winning. Eventually, guys will get so close to the index with their cars and so good on the tree, that it takes a really tight package in order to win.

Knowledge does not equal Understanding, and the Truth is the Truth, no matter what you think of it...........

7/20/2014 11:14 am  #14

Re: For Index Racers Only.

I would definatly like to learn more about indexracing, we do it occasionslly, but mostly brackets. Is there a major difference in setting up a car as an index runner as opposed to a bracket racer???

Formerly of SARN

7/20/2014 3:28 pm  #15

Re: For Index Racers Only.

The 2 main differences are the Pro tree, and trying to always run the same number.
As far as car setup, I used to cringe at the thought of adding weight to a car. I would spend my time running different width tires, changing gears, and chasing everything else to get a car to run the number. Guess what? I aways ended up adding some weight to get it right down on the index anyway.

The keys for me with an index car are to use a stiff chassis that doesn't flex so it always acts the same. No Glue on the tires other than the residue that's left on them from the shutdown, and even then I roll the tires on some cardboard to remove most of it. All you want is a very thin film that will go on the track from the glue that's already in the tires.

I typically use 15/44 to 46 gearing. Anglewinder too. Tires are 1.010x.435 wide. I prefer standard SBR rubber tires to the Tuna type because they last alot longer on these cars. Tuna tires lose their grip too soon. SBR tires are much cheaper too.

If you run oilites on the axle, either oil them frequently, or not at all. A car that's dialed in and has made a bunch of good runs will break out for sure with newly oiled bushings. Or just run bearings if you like and forget about it.

I run larger airgaps, like .530-.535 on a C-can motor not only to kill some of the tire spinning torque, but when you pedal a car to keep from breaking out, it coasts much better. If the airgap is tight, it will act like you threw on the brakes and slow down way too much. I also use light spring tension. If the spring tension is too high, the car will keep slowing down if it's run back to back a few times. If you make adjustments to get the car back on the index and then it sits for a while, it will come back out and run under the index because it has cooled down. A consideration for the later rounds when you are running a few races close together.

One last tip is for the controller. I like the Parma Drag 1 Ohm controller for index's because when you pedal the car, it doesn't slow down much. When I started using my Omni, the same car would act like it hit a brick wall before you could even get back on the power. When you pedal a car, you just want it to stop accelerating, not stop altogether.

If building a .990 car, I use a Grp12 motor, 15/44 gearing, 1.010x.435 Pro-tracks, and then add weight to get it on the index. Once you get enough in it to be close, it will take no extra glue. You can put the weight where you want to, but I have found it easiest to add a plate in the middle of the car and stack the weight there.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!

Knowledge does not equal Understanding, and the Truth is the Truth, no matter what you think of it...........

7/30/2014 7:06 pm  #16

Re: For Index Racers Only.

Personally, I LOVE the "Index" classes. I like "Heads Up" also, but I build almost all of my cars to run on the "90".
Lets do it http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png



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