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4/19/2010 4:06 am  #1

After the race

when the race is over ,how do you store the cars untill next event?  I usally at the track take  a cloth rag I brought with me an some lighter fluid put on it and clean of any glue on the car body and frame, then wrap the cars in another rag and arrange them on there sides in the bottom of the tool box. more lighter fluid on the cleaning rag an wipe down the glue board. go home put the cars in my storage box, I have blocks of wood  glued to the shelf so that it holds the tires off the shelf as not to flat spot them. Next day take the cars out, remove the bodies  place one over a shop rag and squirt lighter fluid over the comm. and into the motor  while turning the wheels  to cut any glue spray it might have sucked in, then do the same with the bearings, wipe the chassis down, the contact braids,and the inside of the body. blow dry the motor, oil all the bushings/bearings take a close look at the gears for wear, then clean the tires and with my fingers put some glue that I cut with lighter fluid so it is real thin , on the tires. put the body back on and back into the garage. then when all are cleaned. take all the times and notes and enter them in the master note book I have with a section for each car, if I make any changes I write it down. this book stays home and is more of a log/diary of modifications , track observations , fastest time ran slowest time for that evening ,if I red lighted,broke out,slept at the tree, all sectioned by date. I also have a  list  of what I need to take ,so I can make sure not to leave it at home

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9/26/2010 8:22 am  #2

Re: After the race

Great information.  Thanks

"The Dude abides."

9/26/2010 9:49 am  #3

Re: After the race

Great Post David!
I need to take this advice, I leave my cars too dirty.
The only thing I can add is a visit to McDonalds on the way home for hunger maitenance.


"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

9/26/2010 3:00 pm  #4

Re: After the race

Strange you caught that Timmy! I usally make a stop at McD's for a quick coffie to keep me awake for the long drive home.

     Thread Starter

9/29/2010 12:45 pm  #5

Re: After the race

i would also be interested to know what you do between rounds.

"The Dude abides."

9/29/2010 1:42 pm  #6

Re: After the race

If I lose the first round ,I take the car ,get the timing slip , set it so the tires are off the surface,look at the slip, if the car ran its number and I miss dialed or red lighted I may buy-back if it threw out some weired slow time or big break out, look for something , loose wheels/gears ,or study the slip, see if it had been spinning an because of glueing method change it hooked up. If the car will run another run , I take a rag ( old t-shirt) and wipe off the braids, make sure the wheels and gears are tight and try to relax and see if other racers are breaking out or slowing down this means the track is changeing,more glue down track hotter/colder surface, if there breaking out might consider a quicker dial-in so you wont . if the car is done wrap it in a rag and put it in the tool box.

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10/09/2010 7:20 am  #7

Re: After the race

I had my only 10 sec. car fall off last night and fiqured it was due for an overhall.this morning I removed the motor, took off the springs, which had oil on them,and had to pound the motor in my hand to get the brushes out,also coated in oil! fluhsed everything with lighter fluid and blew dry, put in new brushes and it was back drawing the same current as when it was new! you can over oil the motor bushings. I have watched an most seeem to put a drop of oil on axle and motor bushings at the start of raceing, then if anything just the axle and can bushing , NONE  the endbell bushing.

Last edited by davidRevans (10/09/2010 7:21 am)

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