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5/12/2016 12:27 am  #1

A 'different' kind of car.

OK, new to the hobby folks.  Lovin' every minute of it though. 

I know that I am getting WAY ahead of myself, but this is just going through my mind.  30 years ago (gotta make sure I got that right so I don't give away my 'dinosaur' age), whilst visitng a LHS, I happened upon an 87 Al Unser Valvoline/Lola in (I think it was 24th scale but that was a long time ago) Indiy car.  I loved EVERYTHING about Indy and I was glad that Monogram put out a Indy Car Kit.  I was particularly impressed that the kit 'explained' to me a lot about the 'aero-devices' (i.e., ground effects) by physically showing me -- though I quite doubt that they were 'tuned' to actual scale relief -- just that they 'looked good' -- or at least, ACCEPTABLE? 

Anyway, getting into this hobby, I have been perusing to LHS's and I happened upon (I think it is) an AMT 25th scale PC-17 Al Unser Sr. kit.  Again, I like the line and all of that, but it got me to thinking, I know that aerodynamics IS important, but not maybe to the degree that the kit-built ground effects would actually have all that much effect on the car if it were made into a drag slot car (I can't control the twisty-turnies -- so sue me -- at least I am honest?) but I don't want wheelie bars hanging out of the back -- which leads me to a 'slip-joint' car -- at least to maintain the 'lines'.

I have NEVER built a chassis at all but I do possess the mechanicals and the design abilities needed to do so (i.e., I know how to bend tubing/metal and solder) as well as the engineering capabilities.  I am just not 'getting' how to make a 'slip-joint' and in particular, one that works.

I have decided on a few 'must-haves' such as the 'undertray' must be present and can indeed be incorporated into making the forward chassis stronger (although, that might not be the best thing for a 'slip-joint') the front 'A' arms, upper and lower control arms and the model's front suspension (no-functioning of course) must be kept, as 'O'-ring tires on a car that at scale, once used 12" wide front tires, would look like putting bicycle tires on a 4X4!  I do not plan for the wide fronts that I plan on using, to touch the track in the slightest, but I WILL keep them somewhat close so the care doesn't ultimately look like the front end is way up in the air -- with a nose attitude like the car is ready to take off, and the rear-end hunkered-down.  Just wouldn't look right.  It almost has to be level in this respect.

I am looking at a 'trombone effect' style of 'slip' but I have no clue as to how far the 'power-pack' the rear-end/suspension/can/axle etc. should 'slide' into the front chassis assembly.  Nor do I know how to get it to 'flex' or how I should go about limiting the flex (and WHERE to limit the flex!).

I am thinking that the 'undertray' 'wings' jutting upwards along the back-side of the main car body, might be such that I can fashion an independent 'power-pack', using a solid axle design -- kind of almost like trailing arms that enter through that part of the body and meet up with the 'tromboning' front chassis through holes in the undersides of these wings?  Now before people start to think that this is way more complicated than I am/should be ready for, please understand that this is NOT really complicated in 'theory'  The three hardest parts will be putting the guide into the car's nose, concealing (if possible) the motor can under the bonnet, and connecting the front part of the chassis with the rear 'power-pack'.

Anyone wanting more specifics, (i.e., pictures of the car and my initial plans designs) let me know.




9/18/2016 11:12 pm  #2

Re: A 'different' kind of car.

Thank you


10/25/2016 2:46 am  #3

Re: A 'different' kind of car.

Thats great !


2/27/2018 4:18 am  #4

Re: A 'different' kind of car.

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Last edited by Contable (2/27/2018 4:19 am)


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