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8/23/2015 12:08 pm  #1

have i reached the limit of my edge chassi?

I have a out of the package edge chassis with a neo raptor ''vr bb motor. Parma chassi clocks instead of bb on rear Axel. Not sure of tire width (a little narrower then a .500) also have had the life trued out of em. car weighs 154.2 grams. Running a hard body saleen speedster body. The fastest time so far has been 8.86 1/4 mile. Is this as good as it's gonna get? Can I do anything to make it faster? I know it's a beginner chassi but it's a big time sleeper no one expects it to move like it does. I've chopped down multiple people with this car heads up including a few store owners( most of em on custom chassis). Thanks ahead of time for the info.

.how do I post pics????????


8/29/2015 8:34 pm  #2

Re: have i reached the limit of my edge chassi?

I do the same thing with an Edge as your doing, except I built the motor out of the scrape box. Best I can get out of mine so far is 10.30 quarter mile.Thats pushing a AMT '55 Chevy sedan body.

If I was you I would just maintane it, and not beat it to death. Only run it at grudge matches, or other money events. Test and tune it when there's very few people around, and for Pete's sake don't go around bragging about it.

Some folks may disagree with me, but a sleeper is a sleeper.

They gave their tomorrows, for your today.

8/29/2015 9:38 pm  #3

Re: have i reached the limit of my edge chassi?

I agree with Juggler, as long as that car is running smooth and consistant just maitaine it and make some money with it. if it is more speed you are looking for build a lighter chassis with a lexan body, just imagine what a motor like the one u have in a 70 - 90 gram car would run. I have a VR Funny car that weighs 90 grams and runs .60's very consistantly and if I want to run in the .5's I just remove some lead weight. Good luck and above all have fun.


8/31/2015 1:24 pm  #4

Re: have i reached the limit of my edge chassi?

sounds like you are getting everything out of it . did you brace the motor bracket to the side rails?  you might try ball bearings on the rear axle ,but the gain may not be worth the money or tenths of a second. might try the Parma Edge Lexan body  for light weight an aerodynamics . Have fun


9/24/2015 1:38 pm  #5

Re: have i reached the limit of my edge chassi?

The limit on the edge is under .700 at over 80 mph.
This has been acheived at TOPSLOTS in a hardbody street outlaw
Oklahoma City in 2014
The edge is capable of .5's in the qtr. with a lexan body.

motor was a HOT VR open wind with supermagnetman 098 neos

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

12/15/2015 8:55 pm  #6

Re: have i reached the limit of my edge chassi?

Thanks for the info. Stepped down to a .435 tire. Car went a best of .841 can't wait to see how it runs with this new dd425 difalco controller, car has never been ran on a controller with a blast relay. Not sure what the difference will be. Timmy how much to hop up a bb.500 and a vr motor???? All my motors are out of the bag. Trying to get a hard body in the high 6s low 7s.  Thanks ahead of time.

Last edited by Junior7789 (12/15/2015 8:56 pm)

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