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7/18/2015 7:23 pm  #1

Where should the balance point of the car be.

So my question is, is there a specific area you want the the balance point of the drag car? I have heard mention of it but cant find any good info. Im thinking back to the days of pine wood derby where you need it in a certain place but for a different reason.

Is there a certain place I should shoot for?

Im talking bracket hard bodies group 12's 5" wheelie bars 110-150gr cars.


7/19/2015 1:33 pm  #2

Re: Where should the balance point of the car be.

Since you usually need to add some weight to the front of the car, I would think the balance point should be nearer the front of the car.


7/20/2015 8:37 am  #3

Re: Where should the balance point of the car be.

I guess ill start balancing my cars and see where they are. Im curious to see where my winning cars are compaired to my inconsistent cars.

Ill post up specs asap.

     Thread Starter

8/08/2015 8:07 pm  #4

Re: Where should the balance point of the car be.

OK so far here are the results of three of my cars,

Most consistent car has a balance point 43mm in front of the rear axle, this is a 140 gr car gr12 motor.

Next is a lexan body 90gr car also consistent with a balance point of 30 mm in front of rear axle S16D

Last is the most inconsistent car with a gr20 motor at 180gr that's 55mm in front of rear axle.

I have since built another chassis for the last car and is much lighter but still inconsistent, that gr20 is a pain to set up, I'm working on that one.

I have several other cars but haven't weighed or balanced them yet, haven't had much test and tune days to see how consistent they are.

Any thoughts on balance points?

     Thread Starter

8/15/2015 9:46 am  #5

Re: Where should the balance point of the car be.

Can't really offer any thing about where to balance your cars, since I really don't fool with that... But, a Gp 12 is only good for light weight cars, a heavier car will like a Gp 15 arm; same wind but more torque. Also, C can arms in a D can is a good combo for drag racing.

Formerly of SARN

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