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7/12/2015 8:16 pm  #1

tube chassis

What size of tube does everyone use for their chassis?
what's the easiest to Souder


7/13/2015 3:39 am  #2

Re: tube chassis

it depends on what you are building but the most common size is .072" or .082" stainless, 60/40 works well for soldering chassis.


7/13/2015 6:16 am  #3

Re: tube chassis

It's going to be drag with mostly with hard body's

     Thread Starter

7/13/2015 5:21 pm  #4

Re: tube chassis

i would use .082" stainless tubing for the chassis and use .072" or .062" for the wheelie bar supports. 


7/15/2015 10:46 pm  #5

Re: tube chassis

Ok sweet that helped me alot

     Thread Starter

7/16/2015 9:51 am  #6

Re: tube chassis

Well to throw the wrench and the monkee into the discussion. Tube/wire size depends on 3 main areas of a cars build.
1 working lenght of the chassis, a longer car can use stronger rails than a shorter car  you need some flex for a car to perform properly without needing tons of glue to stick the car.

2 Tire size and compound affects how stiff or flexiable a frame needs to be example a d/s car with .250 wide tires will work with .055 or .063 wire but will be hard to stick properly with -082 tube without a ton of glur all way down track. An econo mm/ps with .500 wide tires can be built stiffer due to wider contact patch on track. Tire compound plays in here too a very soft tire say 14 durometer will want a stiffer frame than say a 22 compound.

3 car weight and motor power affects frame design and stiffness as well a 90 gram lexan car with high power would be built a bit more flexiable than a 120 gram hard body car example a/fc lexan with quad 20 can work well with .063 wire or .072 tube vs a MM/PS will be better with .072 or .082 tube or .078 wire according to length of car.

So you have to build according to length of car, tire width and compound, amount of power applied.


7/16/2015 9:39 pm  #7

Re: tube chassis

Looking at some jigs to use. So many to choose from.
Im looking for a gig just for drag racing.

     Thread Starter

8/15/2015 9:52 am  #8

Re: tube chassis

The Precision jigs are top of the line! Avoid aluminum jigs, they suck the heat right out of your build making it VERY hard to get a good solder joint. The Lucky Bob's is a good choice if you are on a budget.

Last edited by Macman (8/15/2015 9:57 am)

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