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6/18/2015 10:26 am  #1

Front rails, how stiff?

So there is a lot of talk about wheelie bars but not much about front rails.

My question is how stiff should the front of the chassis be?

One of my current older cars is a hard body with floating rear body mount .062 wire rails .047 wheelie supports, 1 1/8 X .500 tires and a group12 motor.

Im in the process of building another chassis with all the info I got from  this site, and some local fast guys, but just can't find much about front rails.

Thanks for your insight on this!


8/15/2015 9:54 am  #2

Re: Front rails, how stiff?

.083 for a stiff build, .072 for a little more flex. Also depends on what type of chassis you are building

Formerly of SARN

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