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5/11/2015 6:03 am  #1

1/32 drag car

There's a fun run proxy race for 1/32 I'm entering. I built a rail and have the required hr lightening 40,000 rpm motor. Tires are right about 1" tall and I'm trying to guess at a great that may work. Tires are urethane only.  Chassis has a drop arm also.   Thankyou in advance for any help.


5/11/2015 6:07 pm  #2

Re: 1/32 drag car

When and where is the race? Are there any "rules" or "classes"? 


5/12/2015 3:59 am  #3

Re: 1/32 drag car

Home racing world forum....there's land speed record cars..gasser, hotrod and slingshot.  All pre 65 bodies and look.   Lighting 40,000 hr motor in some classes, piranha 21,000 in a few...urethane tires...55 ft tracks...rules are on the forum under proxy races.
  Any suggestion for where to start on gear for my slingshot?...I'm using a vintage 1" tall tire.

     Thread Starter

5/13/2015 11:46 am  #4

Re: 1/32 drag car


I found the board, but I can't find anything about 1/32 proxy drag racing. Am I missing something?



5/14/2015 8:00 am  #5

Re: 1/32 drag car

Under HRW proxy.......the thread for HRW Land speed & drag fun run

     Thread Starter

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