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1/20/2015 5:19 pm  #1

Building Materials.

First of all, if this is in the wrong forum, I apologize.  Moderators feel free to move this to the correct one if needed.

Myself and my cousin are going to invest in building a 1/8th mile track that will be mobile.  Where we are at here in Ohio, there are quit a few drag racers that run at a local track.  So we feel these guys and their kids would like to have a hobby in the off season to participate in.  With that in mind, we are looking at what materials will work best.

We plan on using 3/4" MDS board.  The track is going to be a "outlaw" style track with a single bulb light to go, and win lights on the bottom end.  Just a real simple set up.  So what we need to know is the following questions.

What's the most common width of the track?
What type of paint are you using on the surface?
What type of power supply do you use?
What are you using for the slot runners?  (copper wire for the brushes?)

I'm sure there will be more questions, but these will be the biggest help.  I've found the win lights, I also know I can get LED bulbs pretty inexpensivly for the go lights.  We were also thinking about maybe having a set of foul lights as well...  We do plan on driving a hour or so away to a couple slot car shops and check out their set ups, and get some questions answered as well.  But I figured until we can head out that way in a few weeks I'd start with forums.

Thanks in advance for your help!


1/21/2015 8:40 am  #2

Re: Building Materials.

crzy here's a link that will answer a lot of your questions:  How to build a track


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1/21/2015 9:14 am  #3

Re: Building Materials.

Thanks DVan, I will check it out.

     Thread Starter

1/22/2015 9:47 am  #4

Re: Building Materials.

DVan wrote:

crzy here's a link that will answer a lot of your questions:  How to build a track


This thread is nice, but doesn't really give a list of materials. 

I just found out there is a local track near me.  They do not advertise having one, because no one ever comes out to race.  I'm going to see if they'll share building material with me, along with a proper consistant power supply.

     Thread Starter

1/27/2015 5:31 pm  #5

Re: Building Materials.

You are on the right path choosing 3/4 mdf as your building material, although 5/8 will do the job just fine & is cheaper. 12 " Track width is fine. There are multiple timing programs that can be used, but I am not sure that they can be used from a laptop for true portability. I think Trackmate, which is used at all 3 tracks I go to requires a desktop, since there is a board that has to be plugged into the PC which controls the timing system. Don't quote me on this, but I will make some inquiries... Braid is the best thing for transmitting power, much better than copper tape. At a minimum you will need a couple of 8-D batteries & a charger, possibly even a DC powersupply. The power suppply is not cheap, as you will need something 75 amps or better. Plan on runing at 16 volts, anything less is pitiful. Your best option for painting the track surface is 2 part epoxy, but on the cheap you could use polyurethene floor paint. Remember that the track surface must be LEVEL!!!

Last edited by Macman (1/27/2015 5:34 pm)

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1/28/2015 2:43 pm  #6

Re: Building Materials.

TrakMate CAN be used on a laptop. If you have an "older one" with a serial output, now worries. The newer laptops don't have a serial port so you have to use a USB to Serial adaptor. 
Hopw this helps.


1/29/2015 12:37 pm  #7

Re: Building Materials.

Thanks guys.  My laptop is a bit older, so it may work.

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