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12/05/2014 12:38 pm  #1

throttle stop controller

Can anyone tell me about this type controller, who makes one, what the advantage is? I saw one called a Yugo throttle stop but can't find who sells them or if they even still exist. I do mostly bracket racing.


12/06/2014 6:27 am  #2

Re: throttle stop controller

try this link: http://www.yugo-fast.com/


1/28/2015 1:45 pm  #3

Re: throttle stop controller

Greg Bridgewater, who makes B&B chassis also makes this type of controller. He is on Facebook, as well as all the major drag pages on Facebook. 

These controllers are proving to be very controversial, with some raceways banning them. The advantage seems to be more in index & heads up racing as opposed to brackets; as I understand it you still have to cut a good light even with one of these.

Formerly of SARN

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