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6/03/2014 12:47 pm  #1

VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

Good Evening everyone,

My buddy has got me wanting to build a couple cars for me and my family to race with. I see the chassis and motor combos on Ebay for $50 or so. My question is, what bodies do you all use and where do you all get them?? Also, when it comes to the Cowl Hoods and all, do you all make those or buy them like that?? And what would be a good combo to start with, my 6yr old and 11yr old will be getting one also, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


6/03/2014 2:19 pm  #2

Re: VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

I may get hammered for this, but I think the edge chassis is a good starter for anyone and really good for youngsters. They are sturdy and usuallly pretty consistant, when you find that you and yours like the sport you can move to building lighter and faster chassis.


6/03/2014 3:55 pm  #3

Re: VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

SlotCarNewbie first of all welcome to the board, as to your questions.
For your 6 and 11 year old I would suggest a Parman Edge chassis and buy them at the track where you plan on racing instead of Ebay, so if you have problems with them you can ask the owner at the track for help and guidance. The Edge slot cars come ready to run with Lexan bodies.
As to building chassis, there's a bunch of different chassis you can build, on this board and site I show how you can do that.
Bodies, we mostly use model kits, again check if at your local track if they sell them, some tracks don't so than you're on your own.
Scoops and cowls those can be bought throught WRP one of the advertisers on this site. along with Styrene or Lexan bodies.
Check the instructions link above, lots of good basic information there.

  Hope this helps.

 DG thanks for posting as you did. No one should hammer you on that.


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

6/05/2014 2:50 am  #4

Re: VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

I would also say to go with the Edge cars. They're simple and reliable. you don't need cars that are going to require a bunch of maintenance because kids are going to want to run the wheels off of them. Just make it about having fun with your kids. Worry about building chassis and motors and stuff like that later on when you really think that will help your program.
Ever take kids fishing? If you have, you already know that you will spend most of the day baiting hooks and untangling snags. maybe even digging a hook out of somebody! Don't make too much work out of it.

Knowledge does not equal Understanding, and the Truth is the Truth, no matter what you think of it...........

6/07/2014 12:57 pm  #5

Re: VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

I agree edge cars are Good!
Weak link is Wheellie bar wheels.
OKC, one guy ran a .707 @ 75+ in a edge chassis street outlaw, 120 Grams!

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

6/12/2014 5:15 pm  #6

Re: VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

What they said, especially the analogy about kids & fishing... Edge cars are a good place to start... but not an end in them selves.
That said, I don't own any, & would not personally go that way; IF you can find them, DRS 45 or 75 are great next step cars as your skills improve. They are very easy to build, & are a good introduction to soldered together chassis. They are primarilly designed for 1" tires & take a lot of the guess work out of the wheelie bar, since it is a fixed part of the chassis.

Last edited by Macman (6/12/2014 5:15 pm)

Formerly of SARN

6/25/2014 9:44 am  #7

Re: VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

If you get an Edge car , go to the home page , click on the KMR racing link , at the top of his home page you will see a link to the KMR archives . go there ,at the bottom is an listing of Marty's Edge project taking the chassis through the basicste up ,too  what will make it a great bracket car.. Plus more Knowledge on that page to make the gray matter light up , a great source


8/06/2014 7:34 am  #8

Re: VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

Thanks for all the great information, i drag race so i got the tree and all down and i know there is no Rollout etc. I think biggest issue will be wanting my car to look badass and run decent haha. We will probably just bracket race for now until i get hang of setting them up and playing with different things to get them faster. Again thanks for the information.....will be buying a couple this week from local shop and im going to build the body myself and paint it.

     Thread Starter

1/29/2015 8:50 am  #9

Re: VERY new to this, Got Questions!!

Hello all i am also new to the slot car world of drag racing.I have drag raced for 20 years but my son has this drag racing event threw his school.And i know little to nothing about slot car drag racing its 1/64 scale stuff its not bracket racing its more like run what ya brong. My thought was to buy a new car and do the hop ups together on it you can change the gearing and the motor if you want.I just dont know whats available for these cars.Help me if you can and thanks.


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