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2/22/2014 5:57 pm  #1

Newbie Questions

Hey guys, been lurking on here for alittle while I just signed up, and I have some questions to ask. I am the president of a Local Car Club and we are looking at putting together some Slot Racing Club events at a loca track here in NC.

Not looking at going real crazy as I am looking at getting first time members interested. I am looking at putting together some basic "Hard Body" inline chassis bracket events together. What would be a good Starter style combo both chassis and motor wise? Parma RTR? 

Also I have noticed several killer looking tire and wheel combos out there, what or how do you go about mounting the front wheels and tires correctly? is it as easy as "pinning" the new wheels on or is there another way??

Thanks and I look forward to working with and talking with you guys - seems like a real hard core group



2/23/2014 9:41 am  #2

Re: Newbie Questions

Bob welcome to the board.
Yes Parma Edge RTR cars will work for what you want to do, No soldering involved as they're ready to run. Only thing you will have to figure out how to mount your hard bodies.
Front axle:
Here's four pictures that show how I do it, there's many other variations.
Pic 1.  #1 tubing to go over tubing #2, tubing #1 cut a little shorter so you don't
have to use ferrules (hats #5) #3 pins that will hold wheels on axle.
#4 and #5 pin tubbing used to mount bodies can be used as an axle, #5 ferrules
used for back plates for wheels to rest against, must be soldered.

Pic 2 is the two tubings one larger to slide over the other, making sure the larger (thicker)
tubing is shorter the the inner tubing where the wheels will slide in place and secured
with body pins.

Pic 3 WRP front axle mount in place with pin tubing for a front axle, using ferrules and
 body pins.

Pic 4 just another type of chassis front asle mount....

I hope this helps you out, check at local track and see how the locals do this.



"Where legends are made and records are broken".

2/23/2014 5:30 pm  #3

Re: Newbie Questions

I stand corrected as the Parma Edge chassis, the wheelie wheels have to be soldered,
I've never owned a new one and I thought the way to adjust the wheelie wheels was
to use a pair of pliers.

"Where legends are made and records are broken".

2/23/2014 5:43 pm  #4

Re: Newbie Questions

Dvan, thanks for the info. looks pretty straight forward. Now for the madness to commence. Also noticed there are guys out there doing styrene bodies is there anyone out there someone may recommend if we wanted to have our cars (We are a Impala SS Club) done? 

Last edited by BigBadnBlackSS (2/23/2014 5:47 pm)

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2/23/2014 8:27 pm  #5

Re: Newbie Questions

Bob not all cars are available in styrene, so you will have to do a search and try to find someone that makes them, you will probably have better luck with hardbodies.
What years Impalas are we talking about?


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

2/25/2014 9:49 am  #6

Re: Newbie Questions

I would start with everybody using stock Parma edge chassis and Hard body model kits  ,but also look for  costum resin car manufactures  , they may have a car your looking for as they make models usually not turned by the big manufactures.


2/26/2014 4:21 am  #7

Re: Newbie Questions

Hello Bob, which track are you interested in. The track that i am affilated with is Eden Raceway in Eden NC. I was just curious to know because what you are trying to do sounds of interest. Besides I do like the edge cars as well.  Thanks, Teddy.


2/26/2014 4:05 pm  #8

Re: Newbie Questions

Thanks for the replies. Looking at running "The Slot Car Track" as it's close by to us in Granite Quarry. If we can get it to take off then also looking at possibly one or two more tracks. he owner mentioned he's looking to expand his Drag Racing Program and put a track in his Concord location, and or Open another location with a Drag Strip. I also heard that there is a Track in Rock Hill "Slot Car Cave"  

Last edited by BigBadnBlackSS (2/26/2014 5:34 pm)

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