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10/27/2013 4:41 pm  #1

REDNECK RACIN WEEKEND! Thx to all of our Sponsors and Racers!!!

Thank you to all those who attended our Race!
If you missed it you missed a Great Race!

Rarely does a First race go as anticipated. We were looking for 100-200 cars in Bracket for a shorter race with $7, $3 buyback for a higher payout.
158 cars entered
1st-IceChucky! $275
R/U-Floyd A. $120
payout went down to the 1/8ths or top 15 places.

Thx to Friday Night Class Racers we had 45 entries total for 1.200, 1.000,
Neo 12 F/C, Low ET .696
R/U Billy the Kid

MM/PS Low ET .812 BIG "E" Myles of Elk City OK.
Winner-Frank Felix
R/U-Big E

A/FC Low ET .776 Rick A. of OKC
Winner Rick A.

PRO OUTLAW Low ET .759 Ray Idell of OKC
Winner-Rick A.
R/U Ray I of OKC

Best light Friday, Timmy
Best light Saturday, IceChucky!

Low ET for the weekend went to Timmy with a .568 @ 87 mph.

Power on the new Batteries was good and lane to lane with Class Cars was good!
My .696 was run with a Neo 12 side by side.

Thanks again to our Sponsors (Over $700 in Race Prizes given away) and Racers for a SUCCESSFUL FIRST RACE with New Owner Randy Holden!

Special Thanks to Greg Bridgewater, Chuck Burks, Ron and Ed Birdsong, Ray Idell, Billy Keasler, Chance Keasler, Frank Felix, Rick Albiso all of OKALHOMA!

Special Thanks to Rick Sanchez, Curtis Russell, Slammin'Sammy Wallace and Gary Witt from the DFW area.

203 total entries and we had a BLAST!

Tim Crosslin

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

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