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8/14/2013 10:24 pm  #1

Kentucky Trash

Forgive me if I get the name wrong, I've only just heard of it. What would be the advantages of the Kentucky Trash over stainless steel tube chassis. From the few times I'v seen a KT it just looks like a perimeter chassis, mainly. Wouldn't you want the lightest, stiffest chassis you could find?


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8/15/2013 7:43 pm  #2

Re: Kentucky Trash

yes and no, depends what you are builing it for. also needs to be consistant, the Trash chassis is a good piece and can go fast, also a wrp built and braced right can do the same. to light and its a handful and to heavy a dog. to stiff and its blowing tires off in stupid places to much flex and out of the slot. there really is not a good answer to this question, learn the 1 you like and improve it as much as you can. and as always a jig is worth its weight in gold


1/20/2014 4:35 pm  #3

Re: Kentucky Trash

Could someone post a picture of this chassis???

Formerly of SARN

1/21/2014 7:13 pm  #4

Re: Kentucky Trash

You need a pic of a before or after construction?

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5/04/2014 12:58 pm  #5

Re: Kentucky Trash


Formerly of SARN

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