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5/24/2013 1:03 am  #1

kit builds

Interested in finding out when you guys buy a chassis kit do you build it exactly as supplied ?
virtually all of the kits i have bought i have modified
probably done it the wrong way by not building as intended but modifying it as i build it i think 90% of kits i have done have worked out ok but of course i never know if they would have worked even better as stock builds
  as they say some times to much knowledge can be a dangerous thing or in my case thinking i know whats better may not be the case , though i do see a lot of kits that seem like copies with just minor changes made to appear different.

Just enjoying Life and Slots

5/24/2013 2:09 am  #2

Re: kit builds

Well, here it is almost 6:00am and I just finished my first scratch built funny car for my brother. (I'm an old fart, he's a slightly younger old fart.) I sorta copied a chassis our local track owner built for me, to use in a Trans Am body, he told me it was ok , so I lengthend it to fit. I've got some tweeking to do and  I think I may strengthin the front axle a bit. It's just a basic inline chassis, a couple inches longer than the original. I'm noticing the chassis seems to flex quite a bit we'll try it this way, then might add a cross bar  and try that. We are using some old INT 15 motors, geared 14/56, 1 3/16 x .500 slicks. Thats where we are starting out anyways. 

They gave their tomorrows, for your today.

5/25/2013 7:23 pm  #3

Re: kit builds

Post a pic if you can?

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

5/26/2013 4:38 pm  #4

Re: kit builds





Wheel base measures 134.4mm, thanks for looking! Still lots of tweeking to do. BTW, my brother will be painting the body as well as pinning it. (I'm not allowed to have sharp things!)  http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png

Last edited by Juggler (5/26/2013 5:17 pm)

They gave their tomorrows, for your today.

5/26/2013 6:23 pm  #5

Re: kit builds

Great Job!

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

6/03/2013 10:48 am  #6

Re: kit builds

Do yourself a favor and pin the nose instead of behind the front wheel well, lets the frame work and also keeps it from poegoing between the guide and mount..


6/22/2014 7:34 pm  #7

Re: kit builds


Juggler, don't forget you can add an additional rail if the above design is too flexible... This was designed with 3 rails of .055 on each side & it works very well. Also has old Int 15 for power. 1.080 in 1/4, .931 in 1000'.

Last edited by Macman (6/22/2014 7:42 pm)

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