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3/05/2013 11:46 am  #1

Wheelie Wheels sets made easy.

Wheelie wheels are easy enough to build yourself.
I show the most common ways to build a set.


Pic 1 Shows the parts you will need.
Stainless tubing is .050
4 Ferules (hats) .050
2 Wheelie wheels with tires.

Pic 2 Mount the ferrules and wheels in order
on the tubbing, make sure the ferrules are
set the right way, see picture.

Pic 3 Solder the end ferrules first.

Pic 4 Make sure to put a drop of oil where the
wheelie wheels will sit, then slide the inside
ferrules in place and solder. By adding the
drop of oil the solder will not bind the wheel.

Pic 5 The completed wheelie wheels set.

Next we move on to no soldering wheelie wheels.


Pic 1 Shows the parts you will need.
2 pieces of tubing, I used .050 and 062 Stainless
tubing for this application.
2 body pins, here I used pins with black heads so
you can see them.

Pic 2 Place both wheels on 050 tubbing, measure
for the .062 tubing to be shorter then both wheels in
inside tubing. The .062 tubing will slide over the .050
tubing, insert body pins (make sure to bend them slightly).
Your done, just solder the wheelie wheel set to the chassis.

Pic 3 Shows them done. This set up will work well for the
begginer with slow bracket cars.

These are 2 of the ways you can make your own set of
wheelie wheels, By doning them this way, you can make
them any width you want.


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

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