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2/11/2013 3:09 pm  #1

Installing bushings/bearings made easy

It's fairly easy to install bushings/bearings.
What you will need.

Pic 1. An old set of tires, axle, motor mount, bushings, acid flux and solder.

Here's how to install

Pic 2. Motor mount needs to be cleaned to ready for soldering.
Pic 3. Cleaned brass motor mount.
Pic 4. Apply acid flux
Pic 5. Apply solder. (Also known as tinning)

Pic 6 place bare bushing and motor mount side on wheel, then on the top
motor mount opening place your bushing and solder it.
Pic 7. Reverse the motor mount with bushing that's soldered to the bottom wheel and
reapeat soldering for the top bushing. Clean all parts with cleaner and then use
soap and water, dry everything well. The motor mount is ready to be installed on
the chassis.

 Now some racers prefer to glue the bushings/bearings in. Maybe some one can
show you how that's done.



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