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12/10/2012 6:39 pm  #1

Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Has anyone seen a truely adjustable wheelie bar ?

The soldering -unsoldering and re-soldering gets to ya !



12/15/2012 3:27 pm  #2

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

I've contemplated doing them.  THread small alum tubing and solder stainless screws on each end of bar. The only thing you would have to do is solder a seperate lower horizontal bar to the motor bracket as not to preload the rest of the chassis when adjusting.  Or put small pivots on the lowers.  Or make pivots at the wheels so they cam up and down right at the rear of the bars.  If i had a better work shop space, i would already have tried this.  But right now time and space is limited for me.

New doesn't always mean good.

12/15/2012 6:56 pm  #3

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

gonegonzo wrote:

Has anyone seen a truely adjustable wheelie bar ?

The soldering -unsoldering and re-soldering gets to ya !


Are u having to adjust your bars as the night goes on??


12/16/2012 6:07 am  #4

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Holy Smokes!!!


12/18/2012 7:55 am  #5

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Gonzo, I have some adjustible "get Real" wheelie bars I'll try and post pics tonight.   Roger


12/18/2012 6:18 pm  #6

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

I think a setup like that would cause alot more problems than it would solve, primarily making sure both wheels were the same height.

Knowledge does not equal Understanding, and the Truth is the Truth, no matter what you think of it...........

12/19/2012 7:55 am  #7

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Gonzo, First I am not a pro, more of a TEST DUMMY.  My home track was BPIR in So Cal, have since moved to Mid MO.  I've been building drag cars for 1 yr.  The cars needed a scale looking wheelie bar so I built my own.  So far in testing they have gone (mmps .777@70.77 mph).  I have name them "Get Real".  Since I've moved haven't found a track to test, so I dont know how far my latest hobby will go.  The bars are the 3rd gen two-piece wheels rubber o-ring tires and fully adjustable.  The wife is better with the computer so together we'll add pics (need some tips on where n how to upload pics, please).  My e-mail is "Roger.Dale.Courtois@gmail.com".
The best to you all and Merry Christmas! 


12/19/2012 10:16 am  #8

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Roger, email me the pics and I'll post them.

  Email:  bracket500@live.com


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

12/19/2012 4:27 pm  #9

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Huh...  I was wondering what happened to ya Roger....  Glad to hear that you're doing ok!  Talk to you soon!


12/20/2012 8:07 am  #10

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Hi Gary.  Thanks for the Hello.  You were always helpful at BPIR.  The wife n I couldnt find jobs in CA so we moved to mid-MO in the summer, so guess I wont be seeing you soon, but we'll talk on here n Club 400.  Been looking for a track but they are far away.  I can still build cars n parts.  Gonzo was asking about adjustable wheelie bars so I'll post photos of my "Get Real" bars.  I think you've seen them.  Talk to you soon.
Merry Christmas!  The best to you n your family.


12/20/2012 10:26 am  #11

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Man, I'm glad that you and your wife are doing well!!!!  Don't forget that whenever you're ready to put those bars into production, I'm waiting in line!!!!  The ones that I saw were pretty sturdy and looked great!!!!

Hope you and your wife have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Talk to you soon buddy!!!!



12/20/2012 7:17 pm  #12

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Gonzo and anyone else,

All tracks and lanes and trackbraid are not the same so you might have to adjust your bars to different situations, that's all part of racing. I built these "Get Real" Wheelie bars mostly for scale appearance, they are the 3rd gen, gettin ready to do the 4th gen. Currently the top bars are studded with stainless screws  to the motor mount with a female tapped bar mount, the other end of the top bar is pinned to the caster. The bottom rail is studded at the end and soldered to the caster.  The casters are made of brass, the wheels are two piece aluminum & brass, the axles are body pins, these "Get Real" wheelie bars are fully adjustable.  There are a few more steps to get them on a car, like bottom rail width & height, etc, but they work, testing at BPIR last Jan they ran a .777 @ 70.77 mmps, would like to try a neo car someday. After the 4th gen bars are done, Gary Lum will have a set to try.  I wish I had a time frame, but I will help anyone interested.  The way I see it, the bars on everyones cars work just fine if you like the way they look.


Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 5


Picture 6

The best to you & Merry Christmas,


I'll respond to any comments as soon as I can.

Last edited by roger dale (12/20/2012 7:34 pm)


12/21/2012 7:25 pm  #13

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

hi Roger you got a pm

co onwer of backroad raceway

12/22/2012 7:28 am  #14

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

jrn,  What's up, I have one now,i think. merry chrismas, Roger


12/22/2012 7:37 am  #15

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

jrn, lets try once more,roger


12/22/2012 8:11 am  #16

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Playin with the keys


12/23/2012 3:41 am  #17

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Roger ,

Thx for the pics .

It's hard for me to see the adjustment however .

I'll PM you later for ore info . That looks like what I'm looking for .

How do you keep from burning up he rubber tread on caster ? is there a tread ?

We're not allowed metal as caster treads on the track .


     Thread Starter

12/23/2012 3:44 am  #18

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????

Rex ,

Sometimes I have to adjust the bars 2-3 times to get it right .

I don't know what the varience is .


     Thread Starter

12/23/2012 6:46 am  #19

Re: Adjustable Wheelie Bars ????


The up or down adjustment comes from turning the top bars left or right.  The top bars are studded at the motor mount and currently pinned at the caster so you just SPIN the top bars.  The tires are rubber O rings from Mc Master Carr. I tried to install PM, so far no luck.

The best to you,



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