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11/03/2012 8:59 am  #1

Newbie needs help/suggestions/ideas for a specific hard body build

I have been around slots for a while, but very new to drag racing. I am 90% collector and 10% racer. I am looking for help to build a budget-minded drag car. I want to replicate "Arnie the Farmer" Beswick's  1964 Pro Mod GTO. I have had the opportunity to meet Arnie both on track and at off- track events and this would be a display-tribute car to him in my collection. My situation is that I lack the immediate talent and necessary tools to pull off a one-time/first time show quality drag car. With this said, I'd like to know if someone out there might be interested in doing the paint work, decals, trim work, etc. on the body and help with the build and selection of parts for the body as well as chassis, tires, etc. (basically, the whole car).
This is a build that can take some time over the upcoming winter months as spare monies come available. I have looked at the detail and paint quality in the picture gall eries and there are some drop-dead gorgeous cars.
I currently have collected the Monogram 85-0890 model kit, a 078 Competition Resin Olds Pro Stock hood scoop and the Slixx decal kit. I am hopeful that I can hook-up with someone who is willing to help me with this project. I want to build a nicely detailed raceable display car the first time around.
I would love to discuss this further with anyone interested.





Last edited by Geardriven (11/03/2012 9:05 am)

Run your car....not your mouth....

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