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9/23/2012 10:08 pm  #1

On Any Given TSR Saturday Night! THIS ONES FOR YOU BOBBY D.!!! LOL!

Set the stage.
Time to go to TSR this past weekend!  Bill W. the owner had arranged a little motor clinic for a new guy who was interested in Neo 12 Class and we have another 2 racers now, Jonathan did a very respectable job running his first class race today and Joe drove Wes's car to low ET in the Neo 12 class!

Bracket Saturday night was going to be a small field, so we thought.  Big Ron, LARRY and Wild Wild Wes were at Big Car races in Ennis, which is a fun deal. 
IceChucky was at Tulsa watching Nostalgia F/C's.  AWWWWW!!! Hells Yeah!  Those no computer havin! Tire Fryin! Cars would be a blast to watch, as good as Nostalgia Fuelers!  Ice said they he saw some 5.7's!

Back to TSR.
Despite the folks that were gone, the crowd of racers at TSR were growing.  3 Heavy Hitters not normally there stopped in for the Pepsi Challenge also.  That be Ross 4597SC, Paint by Josh R and Cameron (I got holes in my big car motor) F.  At least 2 of these guys have been TERRORIZING River Oaks the last couple of weeks.  Beating up on my Friend Bobby D. (Grape Ape).

The light turnout ended up 88 cars and some GREAT! Racing!  The first race I watched Ross run was .004 and dead on.  Cameron and Josh were not far behind.

After battling for a few rounds it came down to 9 cars and 7 or 8 racers I think.  All three Young Guns plus the OP group, Ray, Rick B, Delbert and Timmy.  If I forgot one I apologize.

Bill payed out to the Qtr finals, so if you made the final 5 it was MONEY!  As the title says " On Any Given Saturday Night"  Final Five was Cameron, Delbert, Rick B, Ray and Timmy.  Ray and Cameron took Qtr. spots.  Rick B got the bye to the finals.  Delbert in his Slant Six dodge took me out by .006 handing me the Semi spot.  Rick raced on to the Win with Delbert getting Runner up!

YEP, mark one up for the OLD GUYS!

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

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