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8/20/2012 2:32 am  #1

TSR Bracket and NEO 12 and 20 Race results 8/19/12

80 cars in bracket Saturday night at TSR!  TUFF Racin as usual.  Congrats to Steve on his PERFECT RUN!  By third round you needed to be .020 or better total package to advance, sometimes I wanna stand in the corner and cry for Mama at TSR!  Brutal just Brutal!  1st went to Rick B and R/U went to Ice Chucky (The man whose named shall not be mentioned again, EVER!)

First OHfficial Race for Neo 12 and 20 class was a pleasant surprise on Sunday.
We had 4 in NEO 12 class. Frank, Wes, Ray and Timmy. 
In 12 Qualifying Frank .709 and Ray .715 were leading the way with Timmy .838 (limping a hurt motor) and Wes with chassis problems at .883,  since I put these classes together they would not let me sit on the sidelines and I told them I was running HELL or HIGHWATER! and I could get lucky and WIN.  We were not gonna let Wes run with his problems, so a few minutes later after Frank worked his MAGIC, Wes was ready to go.

Frank no.1 Qual. and Wes no. 4 were up first. Frank built both of these motors also.  both good lights, but WES knocked it OUTTA the park with a .677 @ 75 + mph. Way to Go WES!
Ray who had me whooped before we started, Gave it away on a Redlight to my .782 @ 64 mph.
Final Rd was Wes and Timmy,  Wes presented me with a gift also, Redlight time for Wes was .686 @ 72+ for R/U.  TIMMY! took the Win with a .800 @ 60 mph.  My new name is Lucky!

20 F/C qualifying was up next with 3 of us, Franks 20 is still in the Fab shop.
Wes Qualified on a single with .733 @ 72 +, Timmy ran .719 @ 71+,  Ray set us back with a  .674 @ 81+  Way to go Ray, he built his own motor and Timmy built the Inline WRP $10 frame. 
Ray got the bye with his TQ
No gifts this time, Wes and I had had a close race, I won but don't recall the time.
Finals and Ray put it on me with a .679 @ 75 to my .710 @ 72
Congrats to Ray!

We knew there was .6's in these cars, but we thought it might take a couple of races to get them tuned in.  Now we are thinking mid .6's by October.  The classes were very fun and easy to glue, with one car of mine taking a light coat of mix.  We should have 5-7 of each next time!

Thanks for reading,

Last edited by Timmy! (8/20/2012 2:36 am)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

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