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6/26/2012 8:17 pm  #1

Top Slots Raceway Summer Pro Stock Showdown Results 6/23/2012

Ice you have the same thing as a bad DR.!  No patience, lol

After a day of recovery I am writing the results of the Summer Pro Stock Showdown from Top Slots Raceway.

Friday was a nice test and tune day for all involved in the Race, Ross R. (4597SC) bought Pizza Hut for all the out of towners at the track, it was DEEliscious!  I even got some for the hotel that night.

Saturday came early at 8:00 am, racing started at 9:00 am.

First up was Pro Gas 1.200 class, 35 entries, always a good class participation in this area.
1st  Robert from RiverOaks in FT Worth, Good One Robert!
R/U Justin from TSR
Semi Ice Chucky

Pro Comp 1.000 was next with 23 entries.
1st Ron Birdsong TSR,  Great Win Ron!
R/U Ice Chucky TSR

Heads Up started at approx. 11 am

Outlaw street (120 grams inline any car body, sealed Parma S16D motor)  8 racers.
TQ went to Ron B. @ 10.59
1st Ron B. TSR, Way to Go Ron!
R/U Robert ROMS

Hawk 6 was next (Any car with a Hawk 6 bought at the raceway, 120 grams) 8 playa's
TQ 1.043
All covered by Wayne H, GREAT JOB WAYNE!!!

Nostalgia Pro Stock, 11 Racers
TQ Ross the Boss, .982
1st Chris ROMS
R/U Robert ROMS

Econo MM/Pro Stock, 12 Racers
TQ Robert ROMS .941
1st Robert ROMS
R/U Ross TSR

MM/PS Full Field of 16
TQ Brenden F. TSR, .790
1st Chris ROMS
R/U Robert ROMS
Thx to Frank F for the loaner in MM/PS, I did OK but got taken out by the one of the young guns from ROMS.

Last class to run was Xtreme ProMod with loose rules to boost participation, we had 8 racers and it was a blast!
Official fast pass of the X was Ray with a .699, but Timmy had a .674 on a red light run in Gary L's GT 40 with Timmys Neo Mtr. 

1st goes to RAY TSR
R/U was ROSS the BOSS, TSR

I had a good chance to win 2nd round against Ross, but my HP was a little too much for my Junkie Ass 57 Chevy!  It deslotted about 10 feet out and crossed the line to give the Cat Pee Special the win, lol.
I picked it up and asked the racers behind me and the race director permission to re glue and launch it again to see if I could get a decent run out it.  I put some mix on it and the light turned green.  It shot out about 3 feet HARD, took a left and nailed the tree support pole (1&1/4 inch conduit) dead in the middle of the hood.  It all happened in slow motion style, all glass broke out of it, the hood came unglued, the front bumper buckled but did not break and the car shot back to the starting line in reverse.  You have seen shows where the crowd sighs like OH MY GOODNESS I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST SAW THAT HAPPEN!  We may have it on tape?

The Bracket Race later was AWESOME too!
120 entries on a 10 car limit with 3 buybacks allowed.
At 2 am when the tire smoke cleared,
1st went to Josh by Gosh from ROMS
R/U was Ice Chucky from TSR
Semi was ED B from TSR


Last edited by Timmy! (6/27/2012 12:47 pm)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

6/26/2012 8:44 pm  #2

Re: Top Slots Raceway Summer Pro Stock Showdown Results 6/23/2012

Thanks to the Sponsors of the Summer Shootout at TSR!!!

A very well run show!

Tons of Race prizes!

Thanks to Frank F., Ross R and Rick A for their time effort and money!

Thanks Frank for the loaner Pro Stock!

Thanks Ross for the Pizza!

Thanks Rick for whatever you brought to the table, lmao, your unique (twisted) since of humor and sportamanship

Here are some pic's of the winners and ...!

Frank with the race prizes!

Bill with his new Pro Slot signs.

The next two are Ice Chucky's reaction to seeing Martin from Buena Parks ElCamino show back after a few years to haunt him, lol, it is dual motored with 2 VR12's in it!


Robert with his Winner Trophies

Ron B, Larry and Ross kickin back in da pits

Ray and his Winner Trophy

Ron B. and his Winner Trophies

Wayne H and his Winning Cars, no trophies for Wayne, the class was run at the last minute

A pic of the starting line and the pole I tried knock down.

Last but not least the 57 Pro Mod that did the Pole Dance!
It WILL live again, LMAO!

Thanks to all that participated,  It was Great to see Jackie, Dwight, Chris, Wayne and Robert, plus all the other guys I normally see at TSR.


Last edited by Timmy! (6/26/2012 8:52 pm)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!
     Thread Starter

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