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5/27/2012 12:21 pm  #1

TSR race results 5/26

Ice Chucky made a little history Saturday night.  He was in the finals of all 4 and won 3 out of 4 classes and the KING of the Track title.  This feat had never been done before and along with it comes the prize money plus $50 XXXtra track bux for Top Slots parts counter!  Congrats to ICE!

The other class he did not win went to a well deserving Tiffany, she and her husband are new racers at TSR.  She tore up that tree and ran several packages .010 or better.  Congrats Tiff and Martin.

We had 90+ cars, hard to get a correct car count when IDIOT TIMMY signs up 4 cars and only puts in 2 entry sheets, DUH!  Thats OK they put up with me cause I donate money to the Winners, lol.

To sum it up, Another fine Saturday night at TSR, a WELL run program, lots of fun folks to talk shop with!  Thanks Bill!!!

My highlight of the day was a thrown together KMR setup with a last cut 94 & 1/2 arm not even fresh cut.  First pass .551 @ 95 mph, 2nd pass 109 mph.  Did not expect that out of that arm.


"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

5/28/2012 11:16 am  #2

Re: TSR race results 5/26

Timmy...you DO love to go fast. It was great racing with you again. That dam Tiffany...ANYWAY, not one of my better nights racing, though it is hard to argue with the results. 1st time i've raced against HotRod Ross in awhile, and the tuff sob puts a.004/.001 run on me. Keeps putting me in my place, that boy does. SO...we gonna see you a few times over the coming weeks? The ChucksBucks one entry/$100.00 to win race on the 2nd and the Frank Felix heads-up Saturday on June 23rd?  Hope so...I hear Jack/Attack is going to try to make it down for the Frank race.  Thanks for the kind words...I HAD been in every track Champion final since you came up with the idea after our first class backet race. Never won, until this past weekend. To say I was a tad motivated was a bit of an understatement. Going to go tackle the closet now, Have a great Memorial Day. Thanks for fighting for our country, Dad....I miss you.


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