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4/19/2012 8:04 am  #1

What's your lowest budget build?

What's the least you've spent to build a slot car? Post a picture if possible,
explain how you were able to save money on your build. Also what kinds of E.T.
it ran.


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

4/19/2012 2:18 pm  #2

Re: What's your lowest budget build?

My LOW budget build.

She has 36-24-36 numbers, works at McDonalds and gets me a discount.  She is Happy with watching a REDBOX movie, eating fast but nutritious food and looking at the Stars.  OOOOOPPPS!  Thats not the right kind of build is it?  I'll try again!

I built a nice neo 12 f/c for the raffle at OKC Harley Dee race this year, It represented a value of $150 of the raffle.

The body had a refreshing white and mint green body that looked cool and tasty! $20
A C-06 inline wrp chassis (next time I am using the C-10 for the shorter tires) $10
Guide assembly, wires, braids, nut, $4
Tubing $6
Front tires $2
Rear tires $20
Axle, bushings and spacers $5
Wheelie wheels and retainers $4 (WRP makes a nice set of undrilled WBW's for $3)
Hawk motor $15
Ebay NOS Pro Slot 12 arm .480 dia. $15
Champ Reds $2
GD brushes and shunt wire $4
Gears $10
Xmod neos $8

Total $125 all new parts

Motor was set up to make rpm and less torque for bracket gluing.  .560 hole and .480 arm = .040 per side.

Car ran .711 @ 77+ mph at OKC glued in with Kof clear and a few drops of med mixed in.

In the late 90's it would have cost $125 for the motor alone to go that fast!

If you want a fast little ride for not much money, there are your ingredients.  Throw them in a blender, Bake your brain for a few hours and serve up to the loudmouth that said it can't be done!


Last edited by Timmy! (4/19/2012 7:43 pm)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

4/19/2012 4:41 pm  #3

Re: What's your lowest budget build?

I did a lexan funny car with a wrp $10 chassis falcon 7 weighted 70 grams geared 16/38 and ran .990.  I figured I had about $65 in it.  Won many races with it!


4/20/2012 8:15 am  #4

Re: What's your lowest budget build?

I built a lexan s10 10.00 chassis used tires i cut down old guide and a falcon motor geared 15/50 and ran 10.40 in the 1/4 for about 30.00 total


4/25/2012 9:54 am  #5

Re: What's your lowest budget build?

I had an old front engine rail that i built. The front tounge and axle hangers were made from steel banding strip that i got from work outta the trash. The motor was given to me, which was an old yellow end bell Parma S16D, I made the body from card stock, the tires were from a previous build and the wheelie wheels were chopped off an old edge chassis that was sitting around my buddys garage. the braid cost 1.50$ and the guide flag was from an old FCR. The model motor came from.... I forget. It cost $1.50 and always ran dead on and i won several hundred dollars over a couple years racing it. I raced it till I built a slipjoint and put the motor and axle and tires on that. Motor still ran great, then I sold the slip joint. I named that old front engine rail "Spare Partz".


7/14/2018 7:37 pm  #6

Re: What's your lowest budget build?

To be honest most designs will be fine. A lot of the fun is experimenting. Build a standard unit and then work out whats best for you.

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