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1/24/2012 9:05 pm  #1

Edge chassis for a no bar car..?

Just put together a no bar car out of an edge chassis i bought primarily for the motor.  I had a body sitting here waiting for something, and i was bored so i figured i'd try it out.  The chassis already had the wheelie bars cut off and some abomination of bars soldered back on.  I took those off, cleaned up the chassis a bit and started digging through my box and found most of the parts to put it together.  I had to buy rear tires, and hopefully only brushes and springs and i will have a motor(had one quit on me the other night, hope to salvage it).  Other than that it was all spare parts in the box.

So, do you guys think a Edge chassis will work?  I figured i'd try it and see since it has a heavy frame, and a nice place for weight to be put up front.  The body i put on is nose heavy, and just heavy overall.  I'm leaving the 48 pitch gears in it and starting with 9 31 with 1 1/16 .435 tires with a green end bell unbalanced 16D, or a falcon.  What do you guys think?  Any info or input from the guys who have been running no bar cars?  This will be my first one.  My home track runs i think 19 volts so i might try downriver since i think they run 16.  Might be easier to get right on lower voltage.


New doesn't always mean good.

1/25/2012 7:30 am  #2

Re: Edge chassis for a no bar car..?

Thanks, hope to give it a shot friday or saturday at either Downriver, or Slot Car Mania

New doesn't always mean good.
     Thread Starter

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