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12/10/2011 8:58 am  #1

No wheelie bars and some new classes.

First of all I don't want any credit for any classes that are now popping up around the country or foreign countries about the no wheelie bars drag cars.

A while back I started to mess around with a slip joint chassis, from what I think the credit for these chassis go to someone back east that started making those chassis years ago.
As I was messing around the slip joint chassis a few names came up, like Charles Pendley, Vito, Wayne and a few others. I looked at a few chassis while I visited BPIR a few years back and thought, yeah I can make one of this, it took me a few years before I got it together and started making my first slip joint dragster chassis.
I like the slip joint due to the fact there was going to be no glue, one less thing to clean of the car when you store it, great idea I thought, so I put a chassis together my own way, added a motor, some gears I laying around, made my own body and ran it, most of my fellow racers at the track didn't think it was going to work, it did and it hauled in the mid 9s.
From there on, the game was on, until a few felt we needed to control the class and making rules, big mistake.
Now after talking to a few of you on this board next thing we had more or less weight here and there, added some ties to control the flex and so on.

I stopped working on them, then in chat talking to Scooter he said he did a different chassis, OHH that peaked my interest and he sent me some pictures of what he was talking about, I liked his (or the original builder) idea of this new chassis, so I made one and again took it to the track and was told it wasn't going to work, first pass in the high 8s..

Now looking around this board a few of you have these no wheelie bars cars, new project for me to work on, so I've been working on a few chassis for a late 50s-mid 60s full body class, I did build a no wheelie bars cars just like in the article you can find in the Library Old Articles link above, and it's running in the low 20s not to the liking of my fellow racers. I have a couple of other re-designed chassis I'm still testing, but like I said in testing......

Now a few times a month we run Friday nights besides our Wed. night regular race day and we run a few classes and brackets, one class is slip joint dragster with rules: No glue on the track or tires, and no modifications (like ties or anything) that will block the hinge from moving.
And the other class is the "Extreme Dragster Class" which is, as long it looks like a dragster you can do anything to it, it can have wheelie bars you can glue or not, any motor, any gears and any tires you want to use.

So far one of the redesigned chassis with the help from BigAl and Scooter has mine qualifying #1 each time we've run the class and I won three of these racers, if I didn't red light, it would be a clean sweep, I use very little glue and it runs in the .880 range, fastest E.T. so far .875.

Now like I said to start with I take no credit for any of these classes and I thank everyone for the help you've giving me.

P.S. One more credit goes to "Sleepy Dave" thanks for getting me addicted to these!   

"Where legends are made and records are broken".

12/17/2011 2:00 am  #2

Re: No wheelie bars and some new classes.

i'll keep my sissy sticks, i have a hard enough time keeping my cars in there own lanes with bars. hehehe 


12/17/2011 1:51 pm  #3

Re: No wheelie bars and some new classes.

David I know I'm not your favourite person at the moment but I have to say that and I'm not try'ing to rule the rules but
with the original outlaw street rules you can't run a centrifical clutch and Bill no sissy sticks.
Here's a starting point grp20 motor 14t pinion 46 tooth gear .500 wide by 1.1000 tall tires ( or DRS tiny .250 hubs with yellow dot rubber .990 tall x .520 wide )
Widest chassis you got with extra weight supports all the way up from the motor to the front wheels .
Remember solid chassis without anything else , no springs no slip joints no sissy sticks no tramp rods no etc etc just a plain old solid chassis.

Work it out

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