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11/19/2011 8:17 am  #1

Glue vs No Glue

Here's something I found interesting last night. We run two classes, one is a slip joint dragsters class and an extreme dragster class.

The slip joint class rules: must be a dragster any length 9"-12"
must run with no restrictions to the flex, no ties, any motor.
No glue on the tires or track.

The extreme class: Rules, must be a dragster, wheelie bars, no wheelie bars and any length, any motor, any size wheels, just bring it and race it. Yes glue is permitted.

Now I ran both classes, and one of the guys didn't have an extreme dragtster so I loaned him my slip joint to run the extreme class. I did
mention to him not to use glue, but being the old timer and expert he is,
he did glue.

Here's the numbers:
Slip joint race.   1.011 Left lane  1.007 Right lane
Extreme:          1.064 Left lane  1.141 Right lane

I think you now can see sometimes glue isn't your best friend.

How many of you glue your slip joints? And did you see any difference in the E.T.s?


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

11/19/2011 6:56 pm  #2

Re: Glue vs No Glue

i clean the track put 2 strips of glue down it runs between 1.048 and 1.054 with no glue it runs 1.090


11/24/2011 6:59 pm  #3

Re: Glue vs No Glue

all of my slipjoints have american arm s16d's glue the tires and roll out twice to the tree, about 3 feet. go .940's like clockwork. one has a chinese arm and goes 10 flat- 10 teens with one roll out.


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