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10/16/2011 2:54 am  #1

how about a .990 wheel stander!!!

My Thoughts, when you get the body up in the air it acts like a sail and a lot of top heavy weight..I have tried to build several wheel stand cars with hopes of making them a competative bracket car and scrapped them...once the body lifted it will slow a car from 1.1's to 1.4's and since it lifts a little diffrent spot on the track , they where very hard to dial-in..your only chance to go .990 would be, one powerfull motor to push all the air and added weight to keep the guide in the slot.Good luck Bill S


11/02/2011 11:48 am  #2

Re: how about a .990 wheel stander!!!

I have one i've been 1.3's with.  It pulls from the starting line and sets back down just past teh tree.  The old super stocker style.  After my wedding i'm going to be getting the cars back out, do a motor swap and see what i can get the car to go.  I just don't get a kick out of the cars that do full track wheelies.  I like the originality of the wheelie.  my only problem is it uses the front wheels to continue down the track, and a few test hits with bad results takes the front end alignment out.  I'm going to try bracing things and see what i can do to correct it.  But i did get a fairly good string of 1.3's out of it befor the motor went away.  I'm gonna true up the tire, but a green bell adjustable timing motor in it and see what i can do to get it working.  Then i'll try and make it faster.  Maybe a big air gap neo with a huge gear.


car sets down just past the camera.

Last edited by billydroveit (11/02/2011 11:48 am)

New doesn't always mean good.

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