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9/24/2011 8:43 am  #1

Hardtail run in test session.


This hardtail is in test mode, I'm still working the bugs out of it, it has a S16D with quads, geared at 14/46 with 1' x .285 rear tires. Last week while testing the best run was .871, I didn't keep notes. When I stage it, I use a real light film of glue on the track.
Here are this weeks test results. All these run are single passes.

60         ET          MPH
163      .913         66.25
167      .898         66.71
156      .892         66.66
This was on a dirty track, I did clean the first ten feet, and used a light film of glue to roll out. I would better if the whole track was clean, like in my earlier runs.

This Sunday I will be running it, in the extreme dragster class we started,
as long it looks like a dragster it can run this class, it's a heads up class with qualifying, winner is who is first at the finish line.


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

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