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8/07/2011 6:43 pm  #1

multiple questions

I have been looking at my cars hoping to hit thrack soon but I have a few questions.

1. tire width. I run mostly falcons and the pro slot speed fx motors which  Iknow are lower end motors.  I have some cars with wide tires and some with narrow ones.  I know that I was suing too much glue and probably should not even use glue on most of my cars.  How do I determine how wide the tires should be?  the last ones I bought were thin since I thought my low power would not need wide ones to grip.  (right or wrong?)

2. Braids. How much of the braid should contact the rails on the track?  I noticed some of my cars only the end of the baid is making contact and on some the whole braid is laying flat. How do I adjust this to get them to lay right?

3.  Wheelie bars.  I noticed some of my bars are touching the track while sitting still and I know this is wrong.  I also under stand it can unload the rear wheels on take off.  Not sure how to tell what the right clearance is though.

Sorry for all the questions but I still am new to this and have very little track time.  When looking at everyones times I realize my cars are really slow and I am looking to improve performance and consistancy. 

Thanks for all the help.


"The Dude abides."

8/07/2011 6:59 pm  #2

Re: multiple questions

1.  Go 300 wide tires and go up on pinion.  You will get rid of glue and cars will be more consistent!  Falcons should be geared 16/46 with 64 pitch gears and on super 16d  gear it at 16/58.

2.  Sand the guide to make sure it is flat.  Use spacers to adjust ride height so the guide will run parallel to the track.

3.  First I run an average of 14 grams of weight in the nose.  To determine the setting of the wheely bars, if they are tight keep adding a piece of electrical tape until bars have a tiny amount of tap above the track.  The weight allows you to run bars loose so you dont get any roll back on the bars and it helps keep the nose down on bumpy tracks.

Hope this helps!

Last edited by stretch (8/07/2011 7:00 pm)


8/07/2011 7:04 pm  #3

Re: multiple questions

1. Tires:
Most new comers go for the look of the car, now for Falcon
motors from my experience, I use the smallest diameter tires
I can find and no glue, see my spec car that I enter the weekly
report. Then I moved up to slip joint chassis, everyone runs
different tires, I use again the smallest to .300 and it works,
with no glue.
So I'll leave this question for someone else to reply, these are
my opinions.

2. Braids: should touch all the way, add some weight to the nose.
As beginners will do is less weight, sometimes that works against you.

3. Wheelie wheels: push down on the nose of the car, not too hard, enough to flatten
the braids, then look back at your wheelie wheels and make sure the slightly touch the tech board, now once you're at the track you might have to re-adjust them to the surface of the track.
Again these are my opinions, some one else might have a better way.

Good luck on your coming up racing season, keep us posted.


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

8/07/2011 8:18 pm  #4

Re: multiple questions

Tires .300 width will do ,you can glue them lightly if you want ,but anything wider you will really watch your E.T. go up as more glue gets carried down track:  Braids I try to get them to lay flat , most contact area I can get   Wheelie wheels ,depends on the braid recess at the track your running at,but I like to adjust them at first by placeing a weight of some sort just so the braid is flat , then just a thin piece of note book paper under the wheelie wheels , but the real cheack is at the starting line you should just bearly see movement when you push on the bar, your tires should expand enough down track to keep them off , unless it has some high  braid  down track


8/08/2011 4:03 am  #5

Re: multiple questions

Well it takes some work Bill , I take and peel off some Burch Bark ; carefully scrape it with a piece of slate to the desired thicknes !  Have Fun.


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