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7/27/2011 1:19 pm  #1

Comparing Apples to Oranges, Track power and ET's

I started this post on the velociraptor topic, but it needs to be considered on any motor at any track.

Lately a few people on 500 and other boards have asked questions about the Pro Slot Neo motors that have been released and the test data numbers.

Novaz and some others on here have not achieved the numbers that were run at Mid America.  Novaz has a 20 arm in his motor and has gone a very respectable .693 @ 77+ mph.  The same motor went .640's at Mid America.  IMO it is a good accomplishment to come within .050 of the test numbers in an linline and on a track that does not have the power of M.A.
I know and respect what Davep and Marty do up at Mid America.  I also know that the power at mid america is in the top 5 tracks in the nation!  Only a handful of other tracks can compare. Mid America is a very good surface and has State of the Art in wiring and power supplies.

When comparing track power a good start is to see who is the record holder and how quick and fast the track record is.

Lets say Davep went .420 @ 135 mph at Mid America, then he took the same car to your home Raceway and the temp and weather conditions were identical, but he could only manange a .475 @ 120 mph.  Now a racer at your home raceway has purchased a motor that was built by Marty and ran a .450 @ 125 at Mid America, Immediately my goal becomes a .500 @ 110 mph, because Daves motor ran .055 slower at the track you are at. 

At Top Slots Raceway the AA/FC record is in the .460's, this is a medium to Hi power track, but still .040 slower than Mid Amer.  I ran my neo 27 at .613 @ 89.6 mph at TSR, I would hope that at Mid Amer. it would run at least a .590 @ 95.  It does not always work out but more often than not it does make a good comparison.

I don't worry about matching ET's that are set at very fast tracks, just trying to get the most out of the Track I am running on.

Flatness of the track, condition of the braid, the amount of taps, amperage available, ambient temperature are all things to be considered.

I ran at Wylie Friday night and my car went .674 fastest pass, according to what I thought this was a slow run for it.  I realized later that the track temp, ambient temp and some JERK that put down some thick glue had slowed the cars by .030 to .050.  Meaning my car on a 75 degree day might have ran a . 630 to .650 et.


My formal apology to all the Q16 racers that I might have slowed down with the KOF medium glue. 

Don't get caught up in running the numbers of tracks you have not been to or know little about.  Dvans neo 12 went .715 at TSR and .694 At Buena Park,  No need to match that ET, but it does motivate one to try for the .6's at TSR.  If that is achieved then most likely that motor would run even deeper into the .6's out at BP.


Last edited by Timmy! (7/27/2011 1:23 pm)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

7/27/2011 3:20 pm  #2

Re: Comparing Apples to Oranges, Track power and ET's

Good post Timmy, that is why on the back pages of most horae racing programs is a list of area tracks and gives the diffrence in track times as compaired to the hosting track , each track surface ,amount of cusion or spring is diffrent ,so to handicap a horse coming from another track you better figure in this diffrence.


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