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7/06/2011 10:17 pm  #1

SCCEC X Comp ?

Reading the SCCEC rules, Neo mags are legal in X/Comp?
Curious why no records have been attempted in this class?


"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

7/07/2011 6:24 am  #2

Re: SCCEC X Comp ?

Yep, anything goes.   Believe me, I tried to kill that record....     The problem is that there is just not enough time to prep the lane....   I had 3 guys laying down glue for me and that still wasn't enough time to get a decent pass.  Then we swap lanes for the 2nd q. pass...  It got expensive.... $5.00 x 9 bottles of glue for 2 qualifying passes and 1st round....  Yeah, the idea was good, there is just no way to prep a lane for a Neo car in 2 minutes..... 


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