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6/30/2011 1:56 pm  #1

Oldies dragster.

60's Dragster

A while back I was giving a motor to test and see what I could come up with by a local, (see picture of motor at bottom).
I ran the idea by NZMark and painter on B500 and they were going to help me out. This is what came back after a while.
The car is one of Marks' personal cars, I think he raced it back in the late 60s, we will have to check with him on this.
My idea which fell through, the painter was to use a wedge body and keep the area clear where the motor sat on the chassis so the heat sinks could be see from the top of the car, some day I will get one of these bodies and finish the project.
A personal thanks to NZMark for helping me out on this part of the project.





(Will move this soon to it's right forum)


Last edited by DVan (6/30/2011 1:57 pm)

"Where legends are made and records are broken".

7/01/2011 3:48 pm  #2

Re: Oldies dragster.

D, check your e-mail.... 


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