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12/10/2010 12:58 pm  #1

Message from Steve Westphal.

D......We started in 1964.  I graduated and went to Univ. of Nebraska.  A local sporting goods store in Fremont NE (where I lived and still live) put up a beautiful routed 1/24/ /1/32 track and started selling cars and parts.  We were R/C fliers and these cars looked pretty neat.  Since my older brother was a drag gearhead in Calif. (he worked for Ed Pink Racing Engines) we were interested in straightline racing!  That's when my brother, Mike, started rewinding motors.  Also, in Lincoln where I went to school, there was a magnificent hobby shop where they had every part in the world.  So.......if I came back home for the weekend, I always brought a back seat full of hot parts with me.  At that time there were very very few tracks around and none with drags so I built a 40 foot track in the basement to test on.  The track at the sporting goods store was the only track at home for a lot of years.....then the commercial tracks sprouted up for a while but the only drags were by proxy.  I think the regional proxy drags were in KC MO.  My brother, Mike, was a self made slot car engineer so he purchased several rolls of wire and with a two paragraph article from the mag he became the Don Prudhomme of slot drags!!  In fact, several times, with 1/24 scale road course cars that he rewound, we would have a great lead on every one when our car (a Cheetah) would go up in smoke and leave a hot gob of melted epoxy on the track.  At that point everybody else would holler "you SOB, I thought you said that motor was stock!!!!!!!"  The enlightening grace was when, at the end of the night, everybody there would come to him and asked him if he would do that to their motor!!!!!!!!  With Pittman motors it was somewhat expensive but with the advent of the 2 Dollars Mabuchi motors it became rather affordable.  We had a blast.  We would show up with 4 or 5 really hot Mabuchi's and they couldn't come close.  In about 1968 or so, we got back into R/C flying with our Father, who was a 1930's flier with reed sets and escapements!!  He bought us a Heathkit 5 Ch. Proportional R/C radio to assemble.  He was the original DIY guy........in fact.....I still have a Heathkit shortwave kit unassembled in the basement.  We had a ball until I got engaged......that slowed us down a bit but when I became a free man we started up again.  Then he got married.  When he got a divorce (I'm still married) it slowed down a bit but the last 6 or 7 years we have been flying!  I got into HO so as to entertain my grandsons........now they whip my "a.......s."  I have since become acquainted with Steve Geary just north of here an hour so we are back into drags.......HO scale.  It's a bit more expensive now but there are a lot more "specific" parts available with the internet.

Steve W

"Where legends are made and records are broken".

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