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12/02/2010 2:22 pm  #1

How to find consistency

Still pretty new to this but am thinking I should have better consistencey from my cars. I know it is probably something I am doing wrong but here are the times in order for runs in my El Camino:  1.283,1.08,1.07,1.0038,.989,1.006,.989,1.128,1.150,1.005,1.150,1.155.  Here are the times in order from my Chevelle: 1.4352,1.4,1.0622,1.17,1.17,1.277,1.200,1.310.  I know the track was gettign a lot of glue on it later in the night but shouldn't my times be closer than this?  Makes it hard to figure out a dial in.  Here are the times from the Bracket 500 Vette: 1.373,1.1657,1.0051,1.010,1.0772,1.071,.995,.985.  This car got faster in the final two rounds.

So give me some tips to get consistency wither in pre race routine or maybe things to look for that need fixed on my cars.


"The Dude abides."

12/02/2010 2:40 pm  #2

Re: How to find consistency

you have to do the same thing every time with each car, key to your cars being consistent is for the driver to be consistent, every little thing counts, biggest thing I see new people do is either A. not pay attention to where they stage, shallow or deep, you need to stage the same every pass. B. warming the cars up lots of people just hold the wheelie bars up and hold the trigger wide open, it drives me insane to see that, how can you honestly expect do to that the same every time...

on my local track we run on 12 volts so you don't need glue on anything, I sit the car up there and do two short dry hops to where the first section ends and stage the car up, I told one of the younger guys (I'm just barely an adult myself haha) to try doing the same thing because he was having lots of troubles keeping his stuff consistent, the first night he tried what I do not only did he make it inthe race farther than ever but he also showed me his time slips and he had 3 cars that was within 3 numbers in 4 passes a piece...some of yall may know that kids father, goes by the name of Todd Tutterow!

I'm not saying if you do what I do it'll work for you, just try something simple that provides the motor to get a little heat and do that every time, hope this helps...

Last edited by clownsRus (12/02/2010 2:41 pm)


12/02/2010 2:59 pm  #3

Re: How to find consistency

We need to some up with some kind of drawing to show the staging:
deep or shallow.
Anyone willing to take this on?


"Where legends are made and records are broken".

12/02/2010 7:20 pm  #4

Re: How to find consistency

I have been looking for Consistency too, WHERE THE H is She? LMAO!
Clown has a rare situation there, not many tracks run on 12 volts, If those same racers did that motor zingin! thang with 16+ they would not have a commutator left most likely, lol.

IMO the motor should be at room temp or as close as possible to run consistent, revving them up or using a glue out button can cause different temps in the motor rd to rd.

First Bill is correct, cleaning and starting with a clean slate of a track is a GREAT thing!
Cleaning to mid track is also very good, some tracks don't allow you to clean the whole thang!

Second you can glue for consistency or quickness, depending on what you are doing.
Buck here is a method to try.

Clean the track.

Have an abundant amount of Koford clear on your glue board, IE. 12 dots on a 4 x 5 inch area and smooth it all out with your finger.

Roll your rear tires across the board 5- to 7 times, you should have a thick glistening coat on your tires, almost dripping wet look.

Set the car down with the nose 2 inches behind the sensor area.

By HAND roll the car out to an appropriate length, 8-12 ft. come back to the line, set the car in the same place and roll through it again the same length.

Pick the car up, put a drop of lighter fluid on the can, endbell and axle bushings/bearings, only 1 drop each place!,  Roll your car across your glue board 5-7 times putting another good coat of koford clear on the tires.

Place the front of the car as close to the first or prestage light, while holding up the back of the wheelie bars move the car into staging and set the rear tires in the glue tracks.

NEVER push the car forward more than an inch with the tires down, this causes glue pile up under the tire, like launching on a speed bump, lol.

If your car hooks up hard or even slightly bogs while doing this it is OK, it should run close every time.

I know most racers think  "I dont need the coat for launch, my car is faster without it!"
True you may not need it, BUT it helps keep it consistent.
Whereas when you glue for quickness, sometimes you miss it, maybe roll through it once too often and BAM!!! it lets go at the line and your are HISTORY!

If inconsistency continues there may be other issues at hand.

I have mentioned my 64 Impala, I can run low 1.100's with one coat or I can run 1.120's every time with a launch coat.
Last weekend at ROMS I went at least 10 rds in it within .010 and that ain't bad.

This is something you might not know,  if you are in a heavy glue situation at the line and unable to clean it, don't get scared of the glue, sometimes a good coat of kof clear can help you run right over the top of that heavy crap. Seen it done and done it myself!


Last edited by TIMMY! (12/02/2010 7:23 pm)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

12/02/2010 7:48 pm  #5

Re: How to find consistency

Thanks for the input guys.  I am learning a lot on  this one.

"The Dude abides."
     Thread Starter

12/03/2010 10:03 am  #6

Re: How to find consistency

He had it right Bill, I meant that I too warm my stuff up every pass but just by doing 2 dry hops about 2ft out, I'm young but I've been racing slot cars for a decade now and I've tried a lot of different things but I've never did anything that my cars liked better than a couple dry hops. As I said, we don't run glue out our track but do pick up the glue from top end, I always go back to the box and grab the lighter fluid first thing and soak the tires then wipe it off on a piece of paper to get all the excess glue from the tires so that way you always start with nothing on them. I've heard people say that's stupid and they never got their stuff to work right by doing it but you'll never see me at the track without a bottle of lighter fluid, if not two. When people ask why I do it and try to tell me it doesn't work I always tell them you always clean the track as far as you can before you make a pass so why wouldn't you clean your tires as well?

Just try different approaches testing one night and see which makes your cars the most consistent and stick with it...


12/03/2010 11:00 am  #7

Re: How to find consistency

How about the tires? looks like the ElCamino and Chevell are slowing as glue is dragged down the track,maybe a narrower tire would help ,where the Camaro is picking up so it could be spinning down track untill glue gets down their.something to ponder.


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