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11/14/2010 1:28 pm  #1


The first Official Competition Eliminator was held on 11-13-2010.
Timmy was Low Qualifier with .055 under in D/NPS
Timmy placed 1st in a very close race with Chuck D from Dallas. Our lights were .530 and .533
Winning time was a 1.056 on a 1.098 index.
More details and pic's when I have more energy, lol, LONG day!

The Racers here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma have been waiting for the cool fall weather to arrive so we could all come inside for some fun!
Comp Eliminator has been revving up and Saturday night showed us what can really happen.
14 Cars were entered in Comp Saturday night and Several racers not competing, now have the bug after watching the first Official race.
Participants included, Chuck D., Bobby D., Steve H., Jim S. and Benjamin D. all out of the Dallas area. Big Jon R. out of Lawton Okla. Our local racers were Joe "GORILLA" Mc., Jacob A., Big "E" and Timmy C.
I can't say enough in appreciation of these racers for competing in our Comp Series!!!
All of these Dallas Racers have been Very Good Class racers at one time or another and Keeping up with the pace they can set is always a challenge.
It was a big Surprise when my little 69 Camaro I built Friday ran so well Saturday, I knew it would run under by .030, but .055 was a shocker!
Other strong runners were Jim S., Jon R., Chuck D. and Steve H.
I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I can remember No. 1 was Timmy@ -.055 under in D/NPS and no. 2 was Jim S.@ -.049 in D/SM.
Final Round Classic Ford Mustang vs. GM Camaro battle ended up Chuck D and Timmy. Both of us turned very good times and were .530 and .533 on the tree!
I got lucky and held on for the win! Also the finals were run on a close re-factored D/NPS 1.098 index and D/SM index of 1.095.
My apologies for not having better details, but our owner under was under the weather this weekend, which puts more on me and burns my tiny little mind to a crisp, lol!
Also I would like to thank the Pinson family and employess of WMMP for their support.
Here are a few pic's of the Race and our facility.


Thanks for looking and thanks SCCEC for your Great Guidlines!


Last edited by TIMMY! (11/18/2010 11:54 pm)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

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