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10/24/2010 6:02 am  #1

Used Cars

last friday I bought a used slot car,the track owner bought a box from a fellow who hat it setting in a shed for a year or so an decided to call it quits,I have been looking for a VW hardbody for a while an there set a HERBBIE saying "take me home" no paint an the plastic was turning a little yellow ,the front wheels were corroted to the brass axles ,hole shot chassis rusted,my motor of choice Parma sealed s16d,dry protrack 1x.325 tires and old cox grey 36th crown gear, wanted 50 bucks, I had to buy it( the only body kit new I found goes for 40 and not HERBBIE) I took it to a table looked my new car over. removed the body first the motor ,brushes way wore out! took them out looked at the comm. black with oil, took some lighter fluid, comm. looked better than I excpected. put new brushes in. pulled the tires and worked in some glue .the axles were rusty so pulled them out and rub with a small piece of 220 grit sandpaper i have in the box,rubbied them with a rag with a little oil on it, front guide was a white parma.so I replaced it with a gray graffite.put the car on the track wheelie bar bent side ways and one wheel touching the track the other 1/4 inch in the air fired up the soldering iron , adjusted them so they set flat would re work them fully at home. put the body back on set it one the track the first pass 1.669 and makeing a noise very much like a vw motor,since the body only had 3 pins holes I thought it must be vibrating of the empty mount( I kind of liked it) later I found that the motor shaft was moving forward and touching the gear holding set-screw! to sum it up,I have worked on the car for a day,every time I removed the body an tried to clean it a part dropped off, an the yellow ageing is going to stay,was 50 dollars to much when you can get a brand new RTR Parma for the same price? not in my opinon,I have enjoyed every minute repairing and restoring but if your not ready to spent some time,look them over good.now to figure a way to put cards in the spokes


10/24/2010 9:59 am  #2

Re: Used Cars

Hey david, restorations are fun!

bringing something back to life gives me as much satisfaction and can be as challenging as running a .4 AA/FC.

Please take photos of the project mate.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

10/26/2010 6:13 am  #3

Re: Used Cars

NZ Mark would you drop me an E-mail so I can send some pictures to you, I also figured how to put the "card in the spokes" for motor noise

     Thread Starter

10/29/2010 7:19 am  #4

Re: Used Cars

That noise is very unique, I saw someone at ROMS or TSR with the pinion gear hitting the set screw.  They ran it through brackets that way and it was consistent!
Have you ever noticed that a sore trigger finger, sore toe or other minor body pain can actually make you concentrate more on your Game?
The same with noises, That noise can be an advantage on the line.
For a short period we had some racers putting the little greeting card songs in their slot cars, they would get to the line and start the song BAD TO THE BONE playin, LOL.
I would not let them stage like that, but it was cool in the glue in, lol.
$50 for a Favorite Car is not bad at all.
Just remember David, Now that you have ressurected Herbie, don't go out on a Wild Party Streak like Lindsay Lohan did after she re-made the Herbie movie, lmao.


Last edited by TIMMY! (10/29/2010 7:20 am)

"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

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