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10/02/2010 9:58 pm  #1

.890 class tips

Stonerdogss, Email me Kingracer9L@yahoo.com

Ill hook you up...maybe we could work out a trade....i got motors that i ran in my slipjoints that ran .880-.890 all day.

"After all, you wouldn't take a mule to the Kentucky Derby."
Warren Johnson…when asked about his spare race motors. He added. "We have three primary race motors. It's reassuring to have a supply of spares as long as they are all competitive."

10/03/2010 7:46 pm  #2

Re: .890 class tips

Run a wedge dragster.  Mine runs 880 no glue and 72 miles an hour.  Love it so much I am getting another.  My 2nd wedge runs 850.  And my motors are not all that.   These wedge dragsters can make your motors look amazing!


10/04/2010 4:21 pm  #3

Re: .890 class tips

If you wanted to get a fiat or altered that JDS sells you could take a speed FX d can setup and put any american grp 20 arm in it and get there easily and then some. With 1 3/16" tall tires you could start by gearing it 12/58 and see how close that gets you. Try to get in the .875-.880 range on gear ratio alone then add some weight to finish it off.


11/15/2010 12:23 pm  #4

Re: .890 class tips

Rebuilt a Quad 20 and an old TR dragster this weekend for a customer.
Car is gonna run .880 to .900 all day long.


"It ain't about Class, It's about FASSST!!!

8/15/2013 3:09 pm  #5

Re: .890 class tips

Two weeks ago I took a favorite bracket car of mine, and  installed a fresh outta the bag Proslot Boss 490 into it. It was a 1.200 car that occasionaly ran a high 1.100. The car weighs 130grams, geared 10/58, and has 1 1/16x.500 rears. It's a WRP chassis. So far it's run .993, .984, .976, .996, .963, and .952. I expect it to do a little better after it wear's in some. The 60 foot times are in the 135-137 area.

I'm thinking, with a little tweeking, it may make a .890 pass. Especially with a more areo body. And some weight saving measures.

This on a 1/4 mile track. 16.2volts.

Last edited by Juggler (8/15/2013 3:18 pm)

They gave their tomorrows, for your today.

12/04/2013 12:39 pm  #6

Re: .890 class tips

what stack size and what american arm and timing?
give me a good part number thanks.



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